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  13. If you have not already drilled oversize try to install NAS close tolerance bolts first. Close Tolerance bolts are slightly larger diameter as compared to standard AN. Easy way to tighten up any slight movement.
  14. Hi Ron Thanks very much for a quick, detailed and relevant reply. We will get on to it. Cheers Mike
  15. The Ryan overhaul instructions allow elongated holes in the elevator connect tube and elevator spars to be drilled out to the next size, not to exceed 1/8 inch larger diameter of the original hole size. Make sure that the new hole is drilled concentric around the original hole center line. Regards, Ron
  16. We have a little free play between the two elevators. Each elevator torque tube has two bolts through the elevator horn inner torque tube. I suspect the holes on the inner tube have worn a little. Is this a known issue? Are there common fixes to beef up the connection between the elevator and horn torque tubes? Any ideas and suggestions much appreciated. Thanks. Mike
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  18. Skybound is the current certificate holder for these brakes. They have what new stock is available. When you rebuild the master cylinders, make sure that the chain is the correct length or you will not be able to bleed the brakes. I believe the "at rest" gap is 5/32" but check with Jim to verify that. 6910 "A" Buford Hwy Dorazille, GA 30340 1-770-446-6797 Jim Greene, owner Regards, Ron
  19. Is there a source for brake master cylinder parts?
  20. I need to make a couple of STA seat buckets. The Cassageneris drawings don't show this part so I wondered if anyone has some photos of the original seats that they would share with me? A side and top view would be most helpful. Thanks
  21. During inspection, prior to covering my vertical fin, I found a crack that runs completely around the circumference of the rudder post at the landing wire attach hole. Just the leading edge tube and the fabric holding it together. Make sure you take a good look when you have the parts opened up. Fin shows no evidence of prior damage. Ron
  22. Thanks Joel! I have the original paper manuals but hate to run the chance of damaging them in the shop. Regards, Ron
  23. Encase anyone needed a digital copy. PT-22 Flight Manual.pdf PT-22 Overhaul Manual.pdf PT-22 Parts Manual.pdf PT-22 Service Manual.pdf
  24. With a Y-150, battery, full fuel and two adults, will that put you over gross ?
  25. ryan scw restoration
  26. Reviewing the Ryan rigging manual, there is a statement to use SPEC X bolts in the stub wing aft spar attachments and NOT standard AN bolts. The parts manual calls for WS-58-XXX bolts in this area. SPEC bolts can be higher or lower strength or close tolerance bolts. I cannot find a reference in any of my Ryan manuals or the aircraft hardware manuals that I have for the specification for these WS-58 bolts. Does anyone have a print or reference for these bolts? I wonder how many Ryan's are flying with standard AN bolts in this location? Might be worth a look to see what you have installed. You can see the upper bolts from inside the aft cockpit with an inspection mirror and a light. Ron
  27. Thinking of upgrading my brake system to Cleveland's. I am looking for a 337 copy for the upgrade and wheel selection.Thanks in advance. Ron Gertsen
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