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  2. If you fly in complex airspace like I do living In Southern California you may want to consider installing a mode S transponder and ADS-B. Now the good news is we are still exempt as we do not have An engine driven electrical system. Bad news is access to the airspace is on a work load acceptance from ATC. Well no matter how much notice I give So Cal I have yet been allowed access into the airspace prior to installation of a transponder. Around three years ago I installed a Becker mode C Transponder with a blind encoder which was powered by a 9 amp/ hr alarm battery as a total loss system and received FAA Field Approval for the installation. This allowed for around 12 hours of use between battery charge cycles. Now I have removed the Becker and Blind encoder and installed and received FAA field approval for a Trig TT22 mode S transponder and TN70 blind WAAS GPS unit giving me a lot of new capabilities and still 12 hours of use between charging and ADS-B out, 2020 approved. Coupled to your iPad with a STRATUX you can now get inflight weather, moving maps, charts, TFR, traffic and much more. Even AHRS is available with some FREE programs like FlightPlan.go, STRATUX, or pay for Foreflight. Adding a STRATUX for around 250.00 on eBay or build it yourself for less ( see for details ) allowed me to get rid of the paper charts and Airport's all on your iPad. I'm a paper guy and struggled with this tablet stuff for years but even Pilots Guide is no longer available in paper.....only electronic subscriptions. Even the local pilots shop stopped stocking paper sectionals and I've had to mail oreder them for the past few years. I've dodged and weaved my way around and under the local airspace for 25 years, well no longer. I will still keep a paper sectional in the cockpit for back up, I just can't seem to give it up! Now I fly directly over Burbank Airport or call them up and go right thru without issue. I know this is not for everyone, part of the joy of the Ryan is flying basic again, but it is possible if you want to do it. Chris Nehus
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  5. Built from parts found in the Philippines this ship #494 is the last production Ryan STM out of San Diego. A great war career in Java and Austrila. The plane spent time in Hong Kong as a trainer. It ended up in Manila with a Lycoming engine.

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  6. Sadly the North Cascades Vintage Aircraft Museum appears to be disbanding. The former Bill Rose STA Special looks to be up for disposal, along with some other unique machines.
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  8. I am in need of eight 41B2329-9 bolts for the short Air Corps hub on the PT-22? These are special high strength bolts with rolled threads. I believe that someone had these bolts manufactured a while back. Does anyone remember who had them made or have a set of serviceable bolts for sale? Anyone else in need of these bolts and would you be interested in sharing the cost of a new run? Regards, Ron Ruble 407-496-8591
  9. The parts manual calls out a "la France or equivalent". Not much help there.
  10. Guy's can anyone let me know the style make or model of the brass fire extinguisher's used in the Ryans? I suspect it was a Pyrene make but I don't know the model or size. A photo or two would be a great help. Thanks Dave
  11. The Wings Over Camarillo Airshow will be Aug 19, 20 this year. Once again we will have 3 PT22 and 1 Ranger Ryan attending, Chris Nehus, Doug Schuster, Terry Freedman and Gary Jackson. Chris will have an open hanger for the event with lots of goodies to munch on so feel free to join in or just stop by and chat. If you wish to attend drop me a quick email, This is one of the best airshow if you love War Birds as Camarillo is home to the CAF. Chris Nehus
  12. A few yrs ago we found out that the MS bolt is also a close tolerance bolt & may be used. We got the data from Boeing shop ref manual.
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  23. If you have not already drilled oversize try to install NAS close tolerance bolts first. Close Tolerance bolts are slightly larger diameter as compared to standard AN. Easy way to tighten up any slight movement.
  24. Hi Ron Thanks very much for a quick, detailed and relevant reply. We will get on to it. Cheers Mike
  25. The Ryan overhaul instructions allow elongated holes in the elevator connect tube and elevator spars to be drilled out to the next size, not to exceed 1/8 inch larger diameter of the original hole size. Make sure that the new hole is drilled concentric around the original hole center line. Regards, Ron
  26. We have a little free play between the two elevators. Each elevator torque tube has two bolts through the elevator horn inner torque tube. I suspect the holes on the inner tube have worn a little. Is this a known issue? Are there common fixes to beef up the connection between the elevator and horn torque tubes? Any ideas and suggestions much appreciated. Thanks. Mike
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