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  2. 1941 PT-22 " FOR SALE"

    Beautiful Ryan PT-22 with 2991 total time airframe, 82 hrs smoh on Al Ball R-56 Kinner engine. Engine has Y-150 electric start. Aircraft has radio, transponder, encoder and intercom. Aircraft has polished fuselage with military colors. $75,000 firm. NO tire kickers, please. Robert Phillips RP66UKF@gmail.com or call 336-902-3575
  3. 1941 PT-22 " FOR SALE"

    Beautiful Ryan PT-22 with 2991 total time airframe, 82 hrs smoh on Al Ball R-56 Kinner engine. Engine has Y-150 electric start. Aircraft has radio, transponder, encoder and intercom. Aircraft has polished fuselage with military colors. $75,000 firm. NO tire kickers, please. Robert Phillips RP66UKF@gmail.com or call 336-902-3575
  4. Exhaust needed

    did you find one??
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  6. Kinner R-55 Oil Pressure

    The R55 when cold will have high oil pressure until warm. Once warm it should be around 80 PSI. It's not uncommon to see 100 PSI or greater when oil is cold. The R56 will run 80 PSI hot or cold. You should be running 120 oil , not 100. Chris Nehus N53271
  7. We have a Kinner with the oil pressure on the low side, so have adjusted it and are about to test fly. Straight after start of a cold engine what are you guys seeing for the oil pressure? In the cruise once at normal temperatures what pressure do you get? We are using Aeroshell W100 Plus. No oil cooler. Thanks Mike
  8. Exhaust needed

    Good evening! It's been a while... Been busy but I still have a share in N53018. While doing the annual, we found out that the exhaust tube used for the carb has several holes... Does anyone have a spare part for this ? I mean... the whole assembly ? That would be easier than fix it I guess. Best regards Sebastien
  9. Bulkheads - PT22

    Ian, my name is Terry, and the partner in the RangerRyanAircraft.com ,the continuation of the line of STA-R-5 created by the late John Gokchoff. There has been enough enquireies that we will make available a kit to those that want to produce their own off of our STC's. Take a look at N721R. or N47080. They are very eye appealing and if they suit your needs then contact us.[ Terry: gtg15751@gmail.com Kent : kentgorton@bellsouth.com] , located in Locust Grove ,GA 30148. Yes they do retain the 3degree sweep back wings. There are several sources of fresh overhauled Ranger 6-440 200hp although both John Ellison and Joe Denest are about to retire. Mark Denest will continue the overhaul line for his father and there are several others around. Some of our parts are available and could also be used on a straight STA: Nose bowl cowling landing gear[ bush down the rear treadle to the bolt size for the v strut mount; the rest is identicle to STA] windshields wheel pants and fairings. No fibreglass, all AL I have a set, minus flap and aileron, of STA wings built by Jim Miller that I would like to sell. They are in STL area at 1H0. All the best, gTG
  10. Blue Prints Pt22 and Door drawings

    WE MAY HAVE 1 0R 2
  11. STA Seat Photos

    Thank you Sean! I've downloaded them but I think these are for the adjustable seats in the STM and other military versions of same. It might be fun to make one assembly as the drawings are very detailed. I appreciate you taking the time to upload these. Dave
  12. Terry,

    I used John Pike at Big Sky Stearman to make the left aft spar for my Ryan.  He has a copy of the factory drawings for the spars. Big Sky can make them using Douglas Fir or Spruce.  John’s number is 503-631-3206.

    I would NOT recommend using the person that has advertised on this site to make STA bulkheads or spars.  PM me for details if necessary.


    Ron Ruble

    N15550. Ex N441V

    S/N 1579

    1. David Paqua

      David Paqua

      Guys, who Ron may be referring to is Michael Sasich. He has taken deposits from a number of Ryan folks for wing spars and STA bulkheads and to my knowledge has not produced any other than the one #2 bulkhead he sent to me, a year later.  This part was completely UN-airworthy with childlike welding and crooked pick-up points.  He still owes me wing spars. Now I paid him in full and up front to secure an early production part but after months of emails and phone calls this POS part came.  If this is the best he can do then it's my advise and stay as far away as you can.....

    2. George Clifton

      George Clifton

      Paul Schuyler in Morgan Hill, Ca    408 529 1230    Had some spars,..  give him a call and see if he still has them,...  George..

  13. spars or wings needed 2-3 RT, 1-2 Left

    we need 2-3 rt wings or spars front & rear 1-2 left wings or ft & rear spars: Terry 3142770753 or gtg15751@gmail.com thank you
  14. PT21-22 Spars needed or wings

    Hi we need spar or wings 2-3 right & 1-2 left Terry 3142770753 or gtg15751@gmail.com thank you
  15. STA Seat Photos

    David, I hope these help Sean RD-11176, D-2329, 0-260.pdf RD-11739, D-2509, 3-245 Suppl. 2.pdf RD-11738, D-2509, 3-245 Suppl. 1.pdf RD-11737, D-2509, 3-245A.pdf RD-11736, D-2509, 3-245.pdf RD-11742, D-2509, 3-245-4.pdf RD-11741, D-2509, 3-245-2 & -3.pdf RD-11175, D-2329, 0-259.pdf RD-11740, D-2509, 3-245 Sup. 3.pdf
  16. Gone West

    Hi Lynne, This is truly sad news. Al was also the Menasco and Ranger guru, and very knowledgeable on older engines generally. A great loss to the vintage aviation community. Guy
  17. Gone West

    It is with great sadness that I am relaying that we lost Al Ball this week. I understand that Brad, his son, will be putting together a memorial sometime in mid-January. Al was our go-to for Kinner information, parts, how-tos, and restoration for as long as I can remember. Although I have only had my Ryan since 1983, I knew Al since 1980. Any trip to Santa Paula required a stop-in at his hangar, a trip for lunch or at least a tall ice tea, a lot of mutual abuse in fun and a general sharing of life’s happenings. He will be greatly missed, We are very fortunate that he passed his Kinner knowledge on to Brad years ago. Happy Landings, Al. lynne
  18. for sale

    I have a set of (2) magnetos for the Kinner R55/56 that have been rebuilt by Ball for sale. One with impact coupling. Never installed after rebuilt, ready to go into service. If interested call 312 320 9345. Also a box of ten shielded Champions, new, for the same engine.
  19. Reserve fuel sump

    I am in need of a serviceable reserve fuel sump that mounts on the firewall. Any leads would be appreciated. Ron Ruble iflypby@aol.com
  20. Ryan STM inner tubes

    Hi Mike, I assume you are still using the old 3 inch tyres. These are extremely difficult to source these days. There are a couple of options here. Firstly, you can use an extension when you need to check or inflate the tyres, installing and removing the extension each time. This is a little bit cumbersome, but avoids having the extension potentially snag or foul on something. Alternatively, a more permanent solution is to convert to 8.00 x 4 Cub tyres. This entails fabricating adaptor plates to fit the hub (lots of filing for a patient person), but enables you to fit tyres and tubes that are readily available from Desser. As you can see in the attached photo, we are fitting the Grove brake units, which offer better reliability as well as fitting neatly inside the wheel pant. Hope this is of some help. Guy
  21. Hi The inner tubes we are running on our Ryan STM have valves which only just reach to flush with the hub housing. This makes pumping the tyres and checking the pressures a nightmare. What inner tubes are people running? Can one use long valve stems? Any advice much appreciated. Thanks
  22. Prop hub nut and snap ring

    Hi Ron, If that's the standard prop nut I believe I have two of them. Jim
  23. Prop hub nut and snap ring

    As I had to retire my light Kinner Prop and Hub, I am in need of an Air Corps Propeller hub nut and snap ring. Thanks, Ron Ruble iflypby@aol.com 1-407-496-8591
  24. What pitch Propeller?

    I have posted the STC on the site under "Downloads" Technical Info., STC SA00754AT. Chris
  25. Propeller / Hub STC SA00754AT View File Here is the STC that Steve Freeman was kind enough to get for use by the Ryan Club addressing use of Sensenich 90HASPxx series propellers on the PT22. Submitter cnehus Submitted 10/06/2017 Category Technical Info  
  26. What pitch Propeller?

    Ron, I will email you the STC chris
  27. What pitch Propeller?

    I am having Sensenich make me a new Propeller since my old light hub failed NDT. The choices in pitch are -86, -88 and -90. My old prop was a -86 and it did just fine but I would appreciate your feedback on how the different pitches perform on your aircraft. Takeoff run length, ROC, cruise speed, engine cooling, etc. Does any one know if the STC held by the Ryan club for the Sensenich Propeller includes the W90HASP-86 prop? And, does anyone know how to get a copy so the STC can be utilized? Thanks, Ron Ruble S/N 1579 N15550 Since the restoration of 1579 is 90% complete, I only have about 75% left to go!
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