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  1. Shutting down a R-55 - Fuel off or Mags off

    I shut it off with the mags per the flight manual. Additionally, I always check the brakes and make sure the mags will ground on initial taxi.
  2. Ryan Maintenance Pubs

    Unfortunately there is no "Illustrated" parts catalogue. All of the manufacturing drawings are on file at the San Diego Air and Space Museum. They will copy any prints you need for a fee. The Smithsonian will sell you all they have for Ryan for about $800 on 35mm microfiche. Those are the only sources I know of. Good luck, Kenny
  3. Carburetor Inspections for PT-22s

    Attached Files shows the one for the shoulder harness. I'm looking for the one on the carburetor.
  4. Hello from the UK with a new PT-22 project

    Hello and welcome fellow Ryan owners. Just a quick look at Ev Cassagneres book reveals that the S/N for your aircraft shows that it is indeed a U.S. Army PT-22, not a Navy NR-1. Most pictures of the NR-1 show that they were painted very similarly to Army paint with bare fuselage, yellow wings and tail but no rudder stripes like the Army used. No blue paint. Hope this helps. Regards, Kenny Chapman 41-20966 S/N 2175
  5. 337's

    I can scan and send you one I found in the files that came with my airplane. Send me an email address to keneac@aol.com
  6. RYan ST3-KR , PT-22 Manuals Information

    It looks like a very complete list. Have a very Happy New Year.
  7. ryan parts for sale

    Any ideas as to what you would like to charge for the lot?
  8. Paint numbers

    Thanks a lot. This really helps. N60805 Kenny
  9. Engine Cowling

    Wouldn't it be cheaper to repair rather than replace?
  10. Paint numbers

    Does anyone know what the part numbers are for the paint on the instrument panels and the anti-glare shield?
  11. manuals and decals

    Essco Aircraft (www.esscoaviation.com) has good quality copies of all the manuals. Make sure you get the civil (ST-3KR) manuals in addition to the military ones. The military ones can be lacking in information especially when dealing with the engine. Have fun!!!
  12. baggage compartment

    The San Diego Air and Space Museum has the drawings and will copy them for you for a fee. I don't have the details. Just give them a call.
  13. PT-22 Cockpit cover

    Try Bruce's Custom Covers at www.aircraftcovers.com.
  14. Wing plans

    Try this one. http://www.sicuropublishing.com/servlet/StoreFront Kenny
  15. BRAKES

    Shinn Wheel & Brake parts SkyBound, Atlanta Georgia Shinn Wheels, brakes, cables, backing plates. Jim Greene (owner) 770-446-6797