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  1. 337's

    After two years my 22 is ready to fly and I am trying to get my IA to get the inspection and paperwork finished. Could someone email me copies of 337's for Cleveland Wheel & Brakes and Stitts fabric. I would appreciate any help. Thank You Dan Mooney

    HELP, Does anyone have a fuel selector valve they would sell me. I can't beleave it, after a two year ground up restoration I put fuel in the tank today to run the engine and the fuel would noy shut off. After some checking I removed the valve and opened it only to find some parts missing. I think this was the only part of my PT that I have not had apart. Call me at 918-814-5113. Dan Mooney
  3. Grease

    I haven't had a Kinner in about 14 years. We used to use Texaco Marfax in the top end. I would like to know what is the best grease to use today in the rocker arm bearings? Thank You Dan Mooney

    Dietmar Sorry I looked at the picture and it was really bad so I tried again. Dan Hi Dan, Do you have a foto of your patch? regards, Dietmar N59GD

    Hello Dietmar Sorry my picture didn't turn out so well but you get the idea. I had one made with a brown patch to go on my leather jacket. This patch is actually Navy. Keep The Ryans Flying Dan Hi Dan, Do you have a foto of your patch? regards, Dietmar N59GD

    All, I have been working with Linda at 5 Star Embroidery to make a nice patch of the PT22. They have a nice assortment of hats, jackets and patches. Check out their web site. They will add your N number and I had my plane number put on the side of the fuselage. Dan
  7. Hats, Shirts etc

    Can anyone tell me if their are any PT22 hats, shirts, patches etc for sale from the club? I see in past issues at one time they were available. I found my 22 in Atlanta, Ga a couple of years ago. Hope to have her back in the air in a few months after a complete rebuild. I rebuilt the R55, new wing spars, Made new instrument panels and stripped the all yellow paint job and then polished. Inside of the fuselage was painted dark green with a brush, what a job stripping that. Thanks Dan Mooney N822DM
  8. Fairings

    Hello Bob Thank you for the offer, I will take you up on it. Please email me at pt22@atlasok.com or my phone is 918-814-5113. Dan Dan, I haven't a spare set, but you can borrow my fairings for patterns, if that will help. SN 1683 will not be flying until next fall. Best Regards, Bob Roth
  9. Fairings

    Still looking for a pair of the upper front landing wire fitting fairings. I have all the others can anyone help me out? I have tried the contacts in Caifornia. Will be finishing up my restoration and flying early spring. Thanks for any help. Dan Mooney

    I just installed my stub wings and main gear and found that my rigging manual doesn't have anything on rigging the main gear. Would someone please send me the steps to set up the gear legs. Thanks For Any help. Dan

    My project is coming along and I need a couple of things to complete her. I have an R55 and need a sheilded ignition harness. Also, I need a set of brace wires for the tail. Thought I would look around to see if anyone had extra before ordering new. Thank You Dan

    Does anyone have a set of stainless flying wires for a PT-22 that they would sell or can anyone tell me who to contact for new ones? Thank You Dan

    I have a new tail wheel strut spring that I would like to install. I have un-screwed the bottom part and that is as far as I have gotten. My strut does not match the picture in my manual. On mine there is a one inch spacer that has been installed above the sring. How do I get the part off that the bottom of the sring rests against which is also the part that the lower strut screws on to? Thnaks any help. Dan
  14. Cleveland Conversion

    I am restoring a PT-22 and have purchased a set of 600x6 Clevelands. Can anyone supply any info to help me with this installation? Perhaps a copy of a 337 and any technical info would really help, how torque plates attach etc. Thank You Dan
  15. Request

    Dan, I am probably a year from flying again, so you can borrow mine for patterns. However, I'm betting there are some sheet metal guys out there that can fabricate from aluminum vs. fibreglass. I know there's an AAL guy north of here that offered to make anything needed. Will see if I can find his name and track him down, if you're interested. Otherwise, have you checked with Norm Justice to see what he might have "in stock"? Best Regards, Bob Roth Hello Bob Sorry it took me so long to get back to you. Yes I have tried Norm and as he said he doesn't have any and these are really getting hard to find. If your offer still stands I will take you up on it. I would love to find someone that could make them out of aluminum but I am sure the volume and labor would make them very expensive. I have considerable experiance in composites and will make sure yours are protected and returned the same. My address is Dan Mooney 40570 N 3988 Rd Collinsville,Ok 74021 918-814-5113 If you send them please let me know the cost, I want to reimburse you. If there is anything I can do to return the favor please let me know. Thank You Dan