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  1. Prop hub nut and snap ring

    Hi Ron, If that's the standard prop nut I believe I have two of them. Jim
  2. 337 for cleveland wheel and brakes

    Mike, I have 3 of the master cylinder piston/seals left to sell if you are interested. I also have a bunch of the original Shinn brake parts on hand, including 2 wheels, brake shoes, springs, brake cylinders...). Contact me at jdmcdaniel@netzero.net Jim McDaniel
  3. Opinion poll: Direct vs Electric vs No starter

    I do have a couple of direct drive starters and the crank support mechanism, and am willing to sell them. That said, I converted two planes to electric drive if for no other reason the safety issue. If you're going to hand prop you always take the risk of injury. If you insist on hand propping then first you should check the mag switch internally. As we found on our plane a carbon arc can develop between the switches internal contacts and fire the engine as you position the prop, even when you think the mags are off. Jim McDaniel
  4. Electric Starter

    Ron, It's been too long to remember for sure. There is very little room to fit the starter so that will probably dictate the position. I believe the oil line was either on the left side or the bottom. Be sure to include the restricting orifice in the oil line or it will get to much oil and if the line breaks it will dump all of the oil quickly. Jim
  5. Electric Starter

    Hi Earl, the Y-150 starter is as rare as duck dentures, you are lucky if you have one. Send me an email address and I will give you what I have covering the two I installed. Jim jdmcdaniel@netzero.net
  6. PT-22 Brake parts

    Mike...send me an email address for parts Jim jdmcdaniel@netzero.net
  7. Sensenich prop

    Hi Barry - Yes, the prop is complete. Are you close to Robert Phillips? I've just sent him some brake parts and a CD with other parts I have to sell. If you are close he can share the CD with you and the Prop is on it. If not close I can send some pictures via email or a CD in the mail. I'm in Michigan if convenient, or I'll make a sturdy box. Jim try this jdmcdaniel@charter.net or phone 586-382-0698
  8. Sensenich prop

    Barry, I have a Sensenich prop, spinner type for a PT22, which is almost new but has a small bump on the leading edge (was there before I owned it), I probably have prop bolts as well. I'd sell it for $1500 if you are interested. email me at jdmcdanmiel@netzero.net Jim
  9. Eclipse Y 150 starter

    Hi Ron, This has been sitting here for a while without any further input so I'm going to take a chance on something...maybe it will start a conversation. It's my belief that before 1955 it was possible to make a lot of modifications to our planes that didn't require any paperwork other then a log entry. After 1955 the FAA began clamping down and the concept of 337's being required became the norm. There may not be any Y-150 337's available. There are post 1955 forms available. Can anyone else help on this? Jim
  10. Needed-Upper Shock tube

    N441V....I may have two complete struts at the airport, I'll have to check, possibly over the weekend. They will need some cleaning up and grease removed to be sure of the condition, however, I was told they were NOS when I received them and other parts with our plane. I never checked. Jim
  11. Tach cable

    Hi Jack...I had the same problem several years ago and was not able to acquire a cable from any of our members or the usual NOS suppliers. I used Aircraft Spruce to order a custom built cable, their source is somewhere in Arizona or New Mexico. The end fittings were wrong so I had to return it. I mention this in the event they have a different source or you can send them yours to duplicate....Still needing a cable I checked out local sources for car and truck tach/speedometer cables (many trucks are still using the large end fittings) and had a new one in hand in 2 days.
  12. Tach Cables

    The usual aircraft supply houses do not have the large ends required for new cables. These are still available through auto/truck tach and speedometer repair shops. There should be one in your area servicing the custom car and truck trade. Be sure to take the cables with you to get the length and connectors right. Jim
  13. Wing plans

    Hello Jim, I tried to find sicuroengineering.com on the web but all links are dead Do you have a good address ? Dietmar
  14. Wing plans

    You'll have to have more information if you want to get the right prints. First - get a set of the PT22 manuals including the Parts Manual. It will include the part numbers and descriptions as well as the Print Number. Use this manual to decide which parts you need. One source is from sicuro@sicuroengineering.com. Their CD has all of the manuals you should ever need and it's easy to use. Next, when yopu know which prints you need contact the San Diego Air Museum, they have the original prints and will make copies for a very fair cost. The contact is : Assistant Archivist San Diego Aerospace Museum 2001 Pan American Plaza San Diego, CA 92101 arenga@sdasm.org (619)234-8291 x25 There are a lot of prints so be selective and good luck on your repair. Jim McDaniel
  15. West Coast Reunion

    With the group suggested (PT22, Stearman and Waco) the N3N group should be added. This would complete the Primary Trainer class of planes for the early war efforts.