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  1. for sale

    I have a set of (2) magnetos for the Kinner R55/56 that have been rebuilt by Ball for sale. One with impact coupling. Never installed after rebuilt, ready to go into service. If interested call 312 320 9345. Also a box of ten shielded Champions, new, for the same engine.
  2. Parts for sale

    Other than the compass, yes it's availale Bernd
  3. Parts for sale

    I have some of my spares for sale since the PT is sold. A set of rebuilt, by Antique Aero, magnetos for the R55/56 one with impulse coupling. 1 each 419 Carburetor also rebuilt by them, 1 each 12V, Y150 starter, pretty rare now a days also rebuilt. 1 each fuel selector valve, has new seals and lastly a bubble faced compass that needs rebuilt but ALL there. Took forever to find. Call Bernd for details 312-320-9345
  4. Propeller Hub

    15 spline prop hub for sale for Kinner R55/56. Unit is complete, has original and new bolts, original nuts and ready to bolt your prop onto it. If you need/want one call me 312-320-9345 Bernd
  5. Propelle hub for sale

    15 spline prop hub for Kinner R55/56 for sale complete with nuts, original and new bolts ready for your prop. If you need one call me at 312-320-9345 Bernd
  6. For sale PT22

    SOLD, thank you for looking. I will miss her
  7. For sale PT22

    Rebuild to original, uncut with R56 and Y150 starter. A beautiful aircraft that's been to OSH several times in the last few years, Lots of 'stuff" to keep it flying. If you are looking or in the market this is one you don't want to miss. Needs only a pilot. Call for details Chicago area Bernd 312-320-9345 N8608
  8. Kinner R-55 - AVGAS, TBO, Electric start

    regular gas is very toxic to the seats and you should look for a Bendix Y150 starter, very hard to find. Call Al or Brad Ball of Antique aero in California thyey have all the info you will need
  9. Fuel valve springs

    That picture is perfect, thank you now I can finish the project and feel save that the leak is gone. Bernd
  10. Fuel valve springs

    Bought the gasket kit from Brad and in my hurry to get er done, I did not take note that there are two DIFFERENT spring sets for the shut off valve and also the spring retainers. Does anyone know the proper arrangement of these, I don't want to put unnecessary pressure on the bakelite cam lobes. Thank You Bernd
  11. Trim cable clamps

    Still in need of those pesky clamps, does anyone have them or a sample that I can copy Thank you Bernd
  12. Trim cable clamps

    Dietmar My Germam/Austrian is a bit rusty (too many years this side of the pond) if you have these clamps and can send a picture that would be very helpfull Bernd Ryan N48608
  13. Trim cable clamps

    I am in need of the two trim cable clamps that hold the cables to the elevator tube, left/right, any help would be appreciated. Bernd at airfritz at aol dot com
  14. Wheel Covers

    Contact 'airfritz@aol.com if you are still looking for wheel covers.
  15. Wheel Covers