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  1. Ryan ST-A wing drag/anti drag wires

    Bruntons made mine, excellent company: http://www.bruntons.co.uk
  2. Ryan STA

    My STM-S2 has been restored to perfection by a very knowledge team of engineers at Oaksey Park. They also have an STA. Would you like their details, I'm sure they can help you? Please feel free to email me: efremcockett@gmail.com Efrem NC17343
  3. NC17343

  4. Supercharger Seal

    Does anyone have any sources for a replacement Menasco supercharger oil seal for a C4S Super Pirate engine.
  5. Ryan STMs?

    NC14986 is an ST-A, NC17343 is an STM-S2 and she's mine.
  6. STM-S2

    Hello Guy, I have just started flying my newly restored STM-S2, s/n 458. I have read your comments on the prop giving an airspeed of 90 knots. At the moment I'm running a Sensenich W80R-70, which I gather should be an R-72 for this version. I'm only getting 100mph (87 knots), whereas everything I've read from the original books says I should be getting 138mph (120 knots) in the cruise at sea level. Any ideas? Sensenich say the R-72 prop will only make a cruise difference of 3-6 mph. Efrem