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  1. Happy Holidays

    A very special Happy Holidays to all of you and your families!!!
  2. Gear Wire Cover

    Need the front cover for the landing gear wires under the fuselage. I have the back one....anybody have one laying around? Thanks, Barry
  3. Tire pressures

    Anyone have a recommended tire pressure you like to run on the mains?? thanks, Barry
  4. Almost Ready!

    Well....she's back in the air! Flies beautifully.......a few more little details...then a real good polishing!
  5. Almost Ready!

    Just a few days away from getting this lady back in the air !!!
  6. Floorboards

    Looking for a set of front cockpit floorboards for my PT22. Anybody got a set laying around? Barry
  7. First engine run

    Getting closer to a PT22 back in the air in North Carolina ! Install wings and rigging. Looking at a few more months
  8. Sensenich prop

    Hi Jim Does this include the complete spinner assembly? If so....absolutely...yes! I tried to send an email to you but it got kicked back. Mine is: ultracruiser41@aol.com Thanks, Barry
  9. Sensenich prop

    Sensenich said they can make me a new prop for my PT22 but they need to know what hub I have......how do I go about checking to see what I have ?? Sensenich had mentioned an A or B hub. Thanks, Barry Kropelin
  10. Parts for sale

    Hi Bernd, I'll take the whole lot if it's still available. Thanks, Barry Kropelin Monroe, NC
  11. Ryan ST-A wing drag/anti drag wires

    Ordered new wires and rodends through Steen Aero Labs. They are beautiful!!
  12. 337 for cleveland wheel and brakes

    I've just ordered rebuild kits for the Shinn master cylinders and my Ryan has the Cleveland upgrade..... what is the proper brake fluid to use? Thanks, Barry Kropelin
  13. Harrison Ford

    I've got a unit from Campbell and love it. Highly recommend it.
  14. Newbie

    Also looking for length and width of the outer wing panels once removed....I am building slings to hold the panels for transport. Thanks, Barry a Kropelin
  15. Newbie

    Thanks Robert, I'm picking up the ship in a few weeks when it warms up....It can be ferried but I'm going to trailer it from Indiana. Will be surely needing some advice going forward. I hangar at Anson County Airport (KAFP) in Wadesboro, NC. I've located complete manuals but am now looking for a spinner cowling. Heard there was someone who used to make spun aluminum ones......any thoughts? Thanks, Barry 704-506-6909