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  1. Before I order these 4 manuals from ESSCO, does anyone have a downloadable copy they wouldn't mind sharing ? Ryan PT-22 Pilot's Flight 1943 Pilot's Flight Operating Instructions Manual-Download - $13.00 Ryan PT-22 1943 Parts Catalog-Download - $43.00 Ryan PT-21 & PT-22 1941 Maintenance Instructions-Download - $46.00 Ryan PT-21 & PT-22 1942 Overhaul Instructions-Download - $34.00 Thanks, Joel
  2. Before I order manuals from ESSCO

    Encase anyone needed a digital copy. PT-22 Flight Manual.pdf PT-22 Overhaul Manual.pdf PT-22 Parts Manual.pdf PT-22 Service Manual.pdf
  3. Bendix Y-150 starter / gross weight

    With a Y-150, battery, full fuel and two adults, will that put you over gross ?
  4. PT-22 Paint Schemes

    Are there any references for original PT-22 paint schemes from the Ryan factory ? I'm also interested in what Schemes were used @ Sequoia Field / Visalia CA ? Is there any reasoning why some cowlings were painted Red, Yellow and or the same with props ? I've seen some pitot tubes also painted in candy cane stripes, was that specific to certain training bases ? Thanks ahead of time!, JH
  5. I was wondering where is the best place to have a Fahlin propeller overhauled ? Sensenich ? Thanks, JH
  6. Fahlin Propeller overhaul shop ?

    Anyone ?
  7. PT-22 for sale on barnstormers

    Not mine but owner is asking 60K. https://www.barnstormers.com/cat.php?mode=listing&main=
  8. I'm curious how significant the weight savings is to run no starter and just to hand prop ? Are many people running the original direct drive starters, is there any advantage to do so over hand proping? Is there any advantages to run an E-80 or Y-150 electric starter other than the obvious? Is it worth the weight having the ability to crank while in flight ?
  9. Opinion poll: Direct vs Electric vs No starter

    Jim I just sent you a message.
  10. Opinion poll: Direct vs Electric vs No starter

    I spoke with Brad Ball and he basically said the direct drive starters are junk. Sounds like electric is the way to go and if you don't mind hand propping, a starter block off plate would save quite a bit of weight too. Looking at my weight and balance sheet: Battery - 20.5 lbs Electric starter - 18.5 lbs Cables/switch/box - 4.0 lbs Battery box - 1.5 King KX 155 - 4.75 Total - 49.25 lbs
  11. Mr Wilson's PT-22 N49049 / 41-15553

    Mr. Wilson's PT-22 went up for sale last weekend, just curious if anyone knew much about ?
  12. Mr Wilson's PT-22 N49049 / 41-15553

    Didn't it go for 41K ? + 10% buyers fee ? I think you only had to pay tax if you were a IA resident. I was lucky enough to win one of the spare props.
  13. Opinion poll: Direct vs Electric vs No starter

    Ron, thanks for the response. I think a standard E-80 starter weighs around 25-28 lbs. You don't know anyone who has a spare direct drive starter / mount do you ? I have a manual crank and crank mount but are missing the rest of the assembly.
  14. PT-22 gear spreader bar measurements.

    Can anyone tell me the exact measurement from center tow eye to center tow eye on a Ryan PT-22 is ? I'm going to help transport one shortly and I need to make a spreader bar for gear so the wings can be removed. Thanks in advance. JH
  15. PT-22 gear spreader bar measurements.

    Wow, look at that longeron. Do you have any pictures of the rest of the bird ? Any of the cockpit ? Thanks again, JH
  16. PT-22 gear spreader bar measurements.

    Thanks so much !
  17. Wanted PT-22 right wing rear flying wire fairing. If you have a spare, please let me know ! Speeddemon651@yahoo.com 301-751-8024
  18. I was curious when the PT-22 production switched from the R-55 to the R-56 ? Does anyone know the serial number range when the switch took place ? Thanks for your time, JH
  19. Looking for a complete PT-22 project or flyer. Email works best for me. Joelwinstonhackett@gmail.com Thanks! JWH
  20. Looking for a complete PT-22 project or flyer

  21. Looking for a complete PT-22 project or flyer