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  1. Hi The inner tubes we are running on our Ryan STM have valves which only just reach to flush with the hub housing. This makes pumping the tyres and checking the pressures a nightmare. What inner tubes are people running? Can one use long valve stems? Any advice much appreciated. Thanks
  2. ST3KR Elevators

    Hi Ron Thanks very much for a quick, detailed and relevant reply. We will get on to it. Cheers Mike
  3. ST3KR Elevators

    We have a little free play between the two elevators. Each elevator torque tube has two bolts through the elevator horn inner torque tube. I suspect the holes on the inner tube have worn a little. Is this a known issue? Are there common fixes to beef up the connection between the elevator and horn torque tubes? Any ideas and suggestions much appreciated. Thanks. Mike
  4. Hi I want to decide on a realistic hourly rate to charge members of a group operating a PT-22. Any suggestions? How many hours between overhaul can one expect from a Kinner R-540-1M? Cost of overhaul? What is normally done for an overhaul? Annual cost for routine engine servicing? Any and all information much appreciated. Thanks Mike
  5. 337 for cleveland wheel and brakes

    Hi Barry I am part of a group operating a PT-22. We are having trouble with leaking seals on the piston faces in original master cylinders (wheel units are Clevelend). Where did you get the rebuild kits from? Thanks Mike
  6. PT-22 Brake parts

    Hi Any advice on where to get new seals for PT-22 brake master cylinders? Thanks Mike
  7. Hi The 'Pilot's Flight Operating Instructions for Army model PT-22 Airplanes' section 11, Page 19, Point 19 Manoeuvres Prohibited, a. Inverted Flight. Is this an airframe or engine limitation? Does this exclude cuban eights and reverse cuban eights, which have brief inverted segments? Thanks
  8. Hi The Kinner Motors 'Instructions for Operation and Maintenance of R-55 Aircraft Engines' states for shut down: 'The recommended practice is to shut off the fuel supply and let the engine run until the fuel in the carburetor has been been consumed. If this is done regularly the time between overhauls will be greatly increased. The 'Pilot's Flight Operating Instructions for Army model PT-22 Airplanes' states 'cut switch' (turn the mags off). What do you guys do? Thanks
  9. Hi all I would appreciate your thoughts on the following: How many hours should one expect on a Kinner R-55 before overhaul? How harmful is the lead in AVGAS to the bronze alloy valve guides and valve seats? If one wanted to add electric start to the K-55 what is the best way to do this? Thanks very much. Mike
  10. New Zealand Warbirds / MOTAT Ryan STM S2

    New Zealand Warbirds / MOTAT Ryan STM S2
  11. Reserve Fuel for TO and Landing

    Since my last post I have heard that RESERVE feeds via the standpipe, thereby keeping some fuel in reserve, whereas ON is from the bottom of the tank, thereby using all of the fuel. Can someone tell me which fuel selection is via the standpipe? And, is it possible to connect the tank to the selector either way so ON or RESERVE could feed via the standpipe, depending upon the installation? Thanks
  12. Reserve Fuel for TO and Landing

    Hi It is my understanding that RESERVE keeps some fuel in reserve (via a stand pipe) and ON will feed all of the fuel from the bottom of the tank (giving a greater pressure head also). Cheers Mike
  13. Va

    What are people using for Va (maneuvering speed) for a Ryan STM?
  14. Venturi Tubes

    Hi. I don't know if it has ever worked. The Turn and Slips have been bench tested. I took the instrument tech flying. He measured the suction straight off the right hand venturi tube and off the instrument end of the hose from the left hand venturi tube. No suction either place. Looking at the venturi tubes I can't see how they would generate suction and I suspect something is missing from them. Hopefully someone can post a picture of the same model of working tube. Thanks Mike
  15. Venturi Tubes

    Hi Our venturi tubes are not generating any suction. I suspect they are missing a part in the opening. Can anyone confirm this? Can someone send me a photo of a working Pioneer Venturi Tube? Thanks Mike