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  1. Im interested in the lifting eye . Name your price Chris Nehus cnehus@verizon.net 818-825-4252

    1. Kromerjb


      I sent an email with asking price...but I will trade for a set of rebuildable landing shocks for my SN 1574 project.  Jeff

    2. Kromerjb


      Also...I cant tell if I'm paid up or not...my profile says non-paid but when I try to purchase through the <store> it says I can onlu purchase one and that I've already purchased a membership.


      thanks, Jeff

  2. Came across an NOS PT-22 lifting eye at the Wilson auction.  For sale or trade.

    Jeff Kromer


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    2. Kromerjb


      I think I found one...I had to do some welding on it but it came our well enough.  If you want it call and we'll figure a price...I would like to keep it long enough to make a mold.  I'm going to flow form complete sets of the cable fairings in the future.

      This app doesn't play well with Samsung since I can't seem to load the pic.  I'll try sending to my laptop and uploading from there...technology...umph.

    3. Kromerjb


      Here's the repaired fairing and also the lift eye.  I also have a limited supply of NOS brake line brackets for landing gear...appear to be cad plated.




    4. Speeddemon651


      Mr. Kromer, I gave you a call and left a message. I'd like you make a deal for the fairing and possibly the lifting eye also. I need to confirm I have one also.

      I just wanted to make sure "815-266-1064" was your correct number also ?

      I'll try to give you a call this afternoon also.

      Thanks again, Joel H





  3. Airframe Parts for Sale and Trade

    Update 2... I have a lot of NOS Threaded Clevis Tie Rod Terminals (for flying and landing wires) AN665-80, - 115, and -155 (both L/R handed), Cad-plated with nuts.
  4. Ryan ST-3KB Fuselage For Sale

    Do still have this fuselage?
  5. Airframe Parts for Sale and Trade

    Update...I have lots of rebuildable tail feathers, ailerons, flaps, some flying/landing wires, wing spars (rear), repairable engine mounts (no rings), wing fittings, trim and flap mechanisms (no trim wheels), landing gear knuckles and axels, brake cylinders... Looking for rebuildable stub wings or parts for same... Ryan Group, I was the fortunate one to purchase the PT-22 collection of Kent McMakin of Brodhead Wis. I will be inventorying this collection and making it available for sale or trade. An e-mail describing what your looking for will help me prioritize the inventory. I have no engine parts nor wing stubs (The wing stub business went to an A&P shop in Mt Morris IL). I'm hoping to piece together a complete airframe from this collection as well...so I hope this forum will help all. Cheers, Jeff Kromer Mt Carroll IL 815-266-1064 kromerjb@aol.com