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  3. Terry and Kent in GA hold the STC. I believe the emails in the attached are correct.
  4. Am looking for a contact for the Ryan Ranger STC.
  5. Down to my last one 11/06/2020....$250.00 plus 8.30 ship chris Nehus
  6. update: they are all sold! Chris. I have a few flap actuator pawls which are the same as original Ryan units. These were made to the exact specifications, And material from the original Ryan drawing. I’ve installed one on my aircraft and it works great, my flaps have never worked this good! They are now reliable for the first time after 30+ years. I now get all 6 pumps of flaps each and every time, even at max flap speed of 100 MPH. These are not cheep, poor quality, soft, incorrect material units. They were manufactured by an Aerospace machinist to exact tolerance. This is a high ware item, everyone should have a spare. I will NOT be making more....when they are gone that’s it! I kept 3 spares for myself so I don’t have to go thru this again. Chris Nehus Ryanpt22@gmail.com cnehus@verizon.net
  7. Order has been placed two weeks ago....delivery expected within two weeks. I have 2 or 3 pawls still available at the direct cost pricing of 195.00 each. Once delivered cost will be 300.00 each. Email me if interested, cnehus@verizon.net or Ryanpt22@gmail.com
  8. all sold out! I’m working on getting some c1651 flap pawls made. Don’t know cost yet...the more we order the cheeper they get. If your flaps won’t extend in flight , it’s most likely this pawl is worn. Let me know if interested. ********pricing is 195.00 per unit with a minimum production run of 20 which is my cost. If interested let me know soon. If you miss this preorder price offer and I tie up my funds pricing will be 300.00 per unit. ******** This is a high wear item, I’m keeping 3 for myself. Units will be manufactured to original Ryan specification from original Ryan drawing.******* chris nehus cnehus@verizon.net
  9. cnehus

    Tee Shirt run

    We are having some nice PT 22 tee shirts printed. I can add to order for the next couple of days only. Our direct Cost is 25.00 plus shipping. Let me know ASAP if interested. I’m only ordering what I receive orders for due to cost. chris nehus cnehus@verizon.net 818-825-4252
  10. Hello all, I am a new joiner. Not lucky enough to own an ST, yet, but unlucky enough to be rebuilding a Menasco. We are nearing the end of this long drawn out journey and we are getting down the nitty gritty. My engine is a hybrid race motor that was factory assembled with a mixed bag of B-4, B-6, and C-4 parts and there in lies the problem. I am looking for a picture or a factory drawing of the early style two hole exhaust gasket. We have reproduced all of the other gaskets, but we don’t know what the thickness and or composition of the exhaust was. I’m also looking for various other trinkets that we can make, but originals would be nice. My Menasco has a 4.5” bore, so if anybody has some strange looking cylinder parts laying around that are Menasco but don’t have a 4.75” bore, then I would be extremely happy to talk with you. We have already exhausted the “normal” source for Menasco parts so we are looking elsewhere. Thanks in advance for your help. Karl, Mike, and Ike
  11. Hi, do you still have the stainless steel flying wires and are they in mint condition? Thanks a lot Rolf luftakrobat@icloud.com
  12. cnehus

    Gone West

    It is with the greatest sorrow that I need to post this. My long time friend who I thought of as my Father, Angelo Regina passed away today. He was a long time Ryan owner who stuck with me, looking out for me no matter what stupid thing I did. Me made me a better person, and Pilot. He flew 747 for Tigers and later Federal Express, but loved his PT22. Angelo befriended me when I was a young man with fours hours of Ryan time under my belt. We all met at Santa Paula Airport for the flight to the Annual Ryan Reunion flight to Paso Robles. Back then. It was a meeting of 15 to 25 Ryan’s for a weekend of fun and food. I was the youngest and newest member and many did not give me the time of day as they had seen “ my type “ come and go. Angelo took me under his wing from that day on. We became Father and Son, where you found one of us the other was by his side. We shared his hanger at Camarillo Airport where we enjoyed our aircraft and each other for the past 20 plus years and were family. Angelo is one of the most giving persons I have ever had the pleasure of being part of my life. Most did not get to known him as I did....he put up a bit of a front with strangers. He always told me to “ Watch out for the winnies, they will kill you! “. My first real exposure to formation flight was under his watchful eye, flying his wing. He would look over and give me a grin as his finger would signal me to get closer and closer followed by a smile of confidence. He had great pride in me and I the greatest respect for him. He held on to his Ryan until a couple of months ago. I had the pleasure of delivering it for him to his Brother Pete Regina at Van Nuys who shipped it to Germany for its next adventure. This bond between us would have never transpired if not for the Ryan PT22 and two men, their love of aviation, adventure, food, and friendship. Angelo will alway be my instructor in my front seat along for every flight. My Weight and Balance as been amended to reflect this change. We will both be looking out for the winnies! I promised Angelo years ago when the time came I would spread his ashes, anyone interested in joining let me know and I will update you when details develop. chris nehus cnehus@verizon.net N53271
  13. cnehus

    PT22 for sale

    This aircraft has been SOLD!
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