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  2. Yep, I tried a few years ago to join and met a roadblock in the process. I kind of forgot about it and then tried recently and was able to pay with PayPal. Great stuff on the site and I wish I had joined up sooner. Type clubs are great. I restored a Cessna 170 and would have never been able to do it without the club. I’ve was really lucky to be introduced to Terry down south who helped me a lot with his parts and knowledge. Also Al Buckner, Brad Ball, and Chris Nehus have helped me in many ways. I feel like we are a small group who still fly these things and it’s great to be able to meet fellow Ryan owners, even if sometimes just on line. At some point I’ll do a write up about getting my Ryan in the air.
  3. Aircraft looks great! It is obvious that you have put a lot of effort and $$ into her. I am just getting my Ryan back up after an eight year restoration. Started out to be just an annual inspection. Lost control! This site has been dormant for a year or two now but has been an invaluable resource for me during the restoration process. Many members here have in incredible depth of knowledge and experience with the Recruit. I believe there was a change in the website that required members to have an active subscription to post. That had not been required in the past and along with an issue paying the membership fees, many members dropped off line. Members like you can be the stimulus to re-energize the forum! I personally believe the minimal cost for membership is far out weighed by the information presented to safely keep these old gals going. Welcome aboard! Ron
  4. Airplane looks great and owner looks happy! Welcome to the club.
  5. Thanks for the info. I bought a Bruce cover for the Stearman and it worked out great. I then bought a set of engine covers for the jet and after two remakes, they still did not fit worth a darn. I put them on the shelf and bought from another supplier. I thought that maybe the ownership had changed and the quality went South. I am not sure if their light weight cover would be "water resistant" enough to protect the interior if she gets caught out overnight. Ron
  6. Hi there. I have owned my Ryan for a few years now but I just joined the club! I finished the restoration of serial number 1003 which is the second production PT-21 to be built. I've had her airworthy for a couple of years now and have been having a blast flying her around the local patch. We have two Ryans at our field which makes for good fun!
  7. I got a cover from Bruces. I was impressed with the quality and fitment. If I remember it was around 400 bucks. It would be a bit bulky to carry around but would work fine strapped into the front seat if it were unoccupied.
  8. I had new bellcranks laser cut out of 4130 steel. I found a supplier that had the original flanged bearings and new aircraft rod end bearings. I then made new control rods from 4130 and welded in new threaded ends to accept the rod end bearings. These were made as owner produced parts. Hopefully, this will eliminate the failures that are becoming common with these controls rods and bellcranks. Ron
  9. My wife's knees are giving her issues and to be honest, my skydiving hips make climbing into the Ryan a bit more difficult than it was back in 1991 when I first bought my Ryan. If the Admiral cannot get aboard, it takes a lot of fun out of the aircraft and she would be less tolerant of the expense of owning such an expensive toy. I have thought this over for several years and after a few design changes, I came up with a workable solution. My DER and I, using the FAA flow chart as a guide, determined this to be a Minor Alteration and only a logbook entry was required to make it legal. It is constructed of 4130 steel and attached by eight 10/32 screws, nuts and washers. These fasteners replace the original rivets. The step is designed to place the load on the ribs in the stub wing walk way. The fasteners just keep the step assembly from falling off. When I had my Birddog, I designed a step that my buddy mass produced and is now installed on most Dogs. It is amazing how much it helps to extend our flying as our bodies protest the aging process! I am not producing or selling these, just showing what can be done to make things easier. Ron
  10. Now that my Ryan is finally back in the air, I am considering the purchase of a canopy cover. Any experienced suggestions? There are light weight, heavy, snap, strap and a couple of providers. My use will be primarily during X/C layovers. Thanks! Ron
  11. Here you can see that R/H is Toe in and L/H is toe out.
  12. Hi, I am new to the group and see that there are some old topic with rigging of Main wheels. I am now involved in a very nice ST-A that has been on ground for some years. The reason for that is that the aircraft had some bad behavior on hard Surface landings(only option on the field) and the owner/ pilot parked it well inside the hangar. I see that the tires are completely worn out and the rigging must be wrong. So if someone have updated information I would be happy. Questions: Best tires for hard surface? Tire pressure? Toe in/ toe out angel? Feel free to give me all good advice as possible:-) Thanks From Håvard Dale/ Norway
  13. Looks like KCMA is moving forward with its yearly event subject to change. Date has been set for August 21 22 2021 if interested. I’m sure the usual will attend, myself, Terry Freedman, Doug Schuster, and Gary Jackson. I am planning on the usual Open Hanger with snacks, drinks, chairs, and awnings to enjoy the weekend. Let me know if interested in joining us. Ryanpt22@gmail.com or cnehus@verizon.net Chris and Belia Nehus N53271, PT22
  14. All, For those of you that display your aircraft and receive Tax Exemption please know that your local Assessor should be sending you your usual form along with instructions to still maintain your exempt status this this COVID period. I’m in Ventura and I’ve also seen San Diego Assessors supplied information to aid you to keep this status since all Airshows and gatherings were cancelled or not scheduled. stay safe chris Nehus
  15. Chris - What a great welcoming message! I am really excited to join the “Ryan Ranks” and plug away on my project! I will certainly take you up on the offer of advice and free airplane parts! (Maybe I imagined that 2nd offer?! 🙂 ) If your warm note is any indicator of the type of people who associate with the -22, then I have joined a quality group to be sure! Thank so much, and...MERRY CHRISTMAS! Rico PS - That pic is breath-taking!
  16. Welcome Rico, You can find a bunch of good info within this site to aid your project. I’ve had my PT22 for 30 plus years and it was a project much like yours. It took two years of steady work to return her to flying condition and I’ve really never stoped improving her to this day. I am happy to help answer your maintenance questions when you get stuck. Parts are getting hard to come by, but if you really need it we will do our best to support you. These aircraft are a labor of love, it takes many hours to complete a project like your. I find it helps to set goals for yourself and look at it as a lot of smaller projects. Best Chris Nehus, N53271 Camarillo, CA KCMA cnehus@verizon.net Ryanpt22@gmail.com 818-825-4252 cell
  17. Greetings! My name is Rico Jaeger. I'm in Wausau, WI (AUW) and recently purchased a collection of Ryan parts from a party in NC. The negotiations began over a year ago - with a deal struck soon thereafter. But C19 delayed the retrieval. So finally, over Thanksgiving weekend, I made the 2500 mile round trip and 4-hour pack-up (in 56 hours!) to collect my prize! The seller was extremely gracious with his time and materials in assisting with the loading, and I'm happy to say it arrived back in Central WI with nary a scratch! (Despite some of the roughest, toughest "warzone" roads I have EVER driven in IL and OH!) The project is better than many that I have started with, however - everything except the stub wings is in-need of partial / complete rebuild. I have prior experience with similar airframes (PT-26 / Stearman) but those had thorough government documentation. I am struggling to find drawings. (I've had several people suggest San Diego Air & Space, but they charge $15 / page and there are hundreds of pages.) I am also in-need of some parts, paperwork and CONSIDERABLE technical guidance in "Getting My Ryan Flyin'!" If you feel like earning your angel's wings, I can be reached directly at: Rocknpilot@hotmail.com / 715.529.7426. I look very forward to "meeting" you all and pushing forward on this exciting project! (Mostly after our 7-month Winter! :-/) THANK YOU!
  18. Terry and Kent in GA hold the STC. I believe the emails in the attached are correct.
  19. Am looking for a contact for the Ryan Ranger STC.
  20. Down to my last one 11/06/2020....$250.00 plus 8.30 ship chris Nehus
  21. update: they are all sold! Chris. I have a few flap actuator pawls which are the same as original Ryan units. These were made to the exact specifications, And material from the original Ryan drawing. I’ve installed one on my aircraft and it works great, my flaps have never worked this good! They are now reliable for the first time after 30+ years. I now get all 6 pumps of flaps each and every time, even at max flap speed of 100 MPH. These are not cheep, poor quality, soft, incorrect material units. They were manufactured by an Aerospace machinist to exact tolerance. This is a high ware item, everyone should have a spare. I will NOT be making more....when they are gone that’s it! I kept 3 spares for myself so I don’t have to go thru this again. Chris Nehus Ryanpt22@gmail.com cnehus@verizon.net
  22. Order has been placed two weeks ago....delivery expected within two weeks. I have 2 or 3 pawls still available at the direct cost pricing of 195.00 each. Once delivered cost will be 300.00 each. Email me if interested, cnehus@verizon.net or Ryanpt22@gmail.com
  23. all sold out! I’m working on getting some c1651 flap pawls made. Don’t know cost yet...the more we order the cheeper they get. If your flaps won’t extend in flight , it’s most likely this pawl is worn. Let me know if interested. ********pricing is 195.00 per unit with a minimum production run of 20 which is my cost. If interested let me know soon. If you miss this preorder price offer and I tie up my funds pricing will be 300.00 per unit. ******** This is a high wear item, I’m keeping 3 for myself. Units will be manufactured to original Ryan specification from original Ryan drawing.******* chris nehus cnehus@verizon.net
  24. cnehus

    Tee Shirt run

    We are having some nice PT 22 tee shirts printed. I can add to order for the next couple of days only. Our direct Cost is 25.00 plus shipping. Let me know ASAP if interested. I’m only ordering what I receive orders for due to cost. chris nehus cnehus@verizon.net 818-825-4252
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