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  2. George Clifton

    Carb Heat/Mag Decal

    Hey Ted,.. tried to reply to the email,.. but didn't work.. My friend has been overwhelmed with a family medical situation, and business has taken a back seat to that. I talked with her last week, and she is back at it, but has some catching up to do.. Ill' let you know when she gets to me... Sorry about not letting you know.... George..
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  4. Ted Brewer

    Carb Heat/Mag Decal

    George Greatly appreciated.... Ted
  5. George Clifton

    Engine control Rod Ends

    VERY good information!! Thanks for posting this to this forum,.. George..
  6. George Clifton

    Carb Heat/Mag Decal

    I just sent some photo's to a local sign shop to see if they can reproduce some of the placards for my PT 22,.. I'll let you know what I find out in a few days,... George..
  7. Ted Brewer

    Carb Heat/Mag Decal

    Does anyone have a resource for reproducing the Carb Heat, Mag Selector and Fuel Selector decals? (PT-22) Any help would be greatly appreciated. Ted Brewer 719-964-6959 brewerii@aol.com
  8. Ted Brewer

    Gaskets for R-56

    Dan I got mine from Antique Aero Engines in Santa Paula
  9. cnehus

    Engine control Rod Ends

    Durning this years Annual Inspection I uncovered an issue with my Throttle belcrank and rod end in the Engine Compartment. I reached behind the exhaust collector and found play in the Belcrank between the crank and rod end. A closer look uncovered the crank damaged at the rod end attach point. The rod end attach hole was elongated almost to the point of failure and the rod end was found frozen. This was a bearing type rod end vs the conical style found on current production aircraft. It is important to remember when installing the rod end to tighten the bolt enough that the rotation is via the rod end bearing NOT the bolt. If rotation is via an under torqued bolt it will result in early failure of either the crank or bolt. I elected to replace several of my older style bearing rod ends on the mixture and throttle with conical F34-14M ends from Spruce and Specility. Upon removal of the old ends inspection revieled most had some sort of looseness and or ratcheting via the bearings. I also replaced all the hardware using fiber locking casle nuts also advailable from Spruce. Should you miss a cotter pin these will not back off as they are self locking as well. YES it happens trust me! Our throttles fail to Idle if the linkage should happen to come off or fail. We have had a couple of accidents from different types of throttle linkage failures. Special attention needs to be paid to the entire Throttle and Mixtrue control system. Lots of moving parts, ware points, and direction changes within the system offer lots of points of failure. Another local aircraft has been inspected and the ends were also found to be worn. chris nehus
  10. Received this today...anybody able to attend? Sounds like fun! Hello Lynne, trust you are well… We would love to have a representative from your association, chapter, type club, etc…at our annual fly-in. We understand North Texas is a great distance for some, but perhaps you have a local club ambassador that could attend? If your club is able, and interested, we would provide you with a table and chairs in our main hangar, where you can visit with friends, guests, and pass along your club info. We are not Oshkosh or Blakesburg, but we are working hard to keep these great airplanes in the eye of the public. Please pass along our fly-in info to your network and post it out there on your Social Media too. Ensure everyone knows that they, their families, and friends are welcome to attend! Our 56th annual fly-in will be held again this year at the Gainesville Municipal Airport in Gainesville TX (KGLE). It is October 12th and 13th. Last year, we had over 200 airplanes fly in, and we have lots of foot traffic too. We have aircraft judging, meals, entertainment, WINGS seminars, and more. This year we’re adding a Poker Run. I attached the 2018 flyer, and here is link to our website. If you want, give me a call to talk about the event. Hope to hear from you soon, and I’ll try and follow up once more before the event. Kind regards, Joel Joel Meanor 817-832-5064 President, Texas Chapter Antique Airplane Association www.txaaa.org please see the website for details. Keep the Antiques Flying…
  11. Daniel Callan

    Gaskets for R-56

    Hi All. I was wondering if someone could please tell me where to get the following Gaskets for the Kinner R-56: Cuno Filter Gasket Sump Drain Gasket Thanks, Daniel Callan dcallan42@yahoo.com
  12. Kel

    Rear instrument panel

    Greetings all, have resumed the restoration of the old Bill Hodges machine and it's in need of an unmodified rear instrument panel. Prefer to purchase genuine rather than fabricate. kelshangar@gmail.com
  13. RP66UKF

    1941 PT-22 " FOR SALE"

    Beautiful Ryan PT-22 with 2991 total time airframe, 82 hrs smoh on Al Ball R-56 Kinner engine. Engine has Y-150 electric start. Aircraft has radio, transponder, encoder and intercom. Aircraft has polished fuselage with military colors. $75,000 firm. NO tire kickers, please. Robert Phillips RP66UKF@gmail.com or call 336-902-3575
  14. RP66UKF

    1941 PT-22 " FOR SALE"

    Beautiful Ryan PT-22 with 2991 total time airframe, 82 hrs smoh on Al Ball R-56 Kinner engine. Engine has Y-150 electric start. Aircraft has radio, transponder, encoder and intercom. Aircraft has polished fuselage with military colors. $75,000 firm. NO tire kickers, please. Robert Phillips RP66UKF@gmail.com or call 336-902-3575
  15. George Clifton

    Exhaust needed

    did you find one??
  16. cnehus

    Kinner R-55 Oil Pressure

    The R55 when cold will have high oil pressure until warm. Once warm it should be around 80 PSI. It's not uncommon to see 100 PSI or greater when oil is cold. The R56 will run 80 PSI hot or cold. You should be running 120 oil , not 100. Chris Nehus N53271
  17. We have a Kinner with the oil pressure on the low side, so have adjusted it and are about to test fly. Straight after start of a cold engine what are you guys seeing for the oil pressure? In the cruise once at normal temperatures what pressure do you get? We are using Aeroshell W100 Plus. No oil cooler. Thanks Mike
  18. RyanFr

    Exhaust needed

    Good evening! It's been a while... Been busy but I still have a share in N53018. While doing the annual, we found out that the exhaust tube used for the carb has several holes... Does anyone have a spare part for this ? I mean... the whole assembly ? That would be easier than fix it I guess. Best regards Sebastien
  19. terry gardner

    Bulkheads - PT22

    Ian, my name is Terry, and the partner in the RangerRyanAircraft.com ,the continuation of the line of STA-R-5 created by the late John Gokchoff. There has been enough enquireies that we will make available a kit to those that want to produce their own off of our STC's. Take a look at N721R. or N47080. They are very eye appealing and if they suit your needs then contact us.[ Terry: gtg15751@gmail.com Kent : kentgorton@bellsouth.com] , located in Locust Grove ,GA 30148. Yes they do retain the 3degree sweep back wings. There are several sources of fresh overhauled Ranger 6-440 200hp although both John Ellison and Joe Denest are about to retire. Mark Denest will continue the overhaul line for his father and there are several others around. Some of our parts are available and could also be used on a straight STA: Nose bowl cowling landing gear[ bush down the rear treadle to the bolt size for the v strut mount; the rest is identicle to STA] windshields wheel pants and fairings. No fibreglass, all AL I have a set, minus flap and aileron, of STA wings built by Jim Miller that I would like to sell. They are in STL area at 1H0. All the best, gTG
  20. terry gardner

    Blue Prints Pt22 and Door drawings

    WE MAY HAVE 1 0R 2
  21. David Paqua

    STA Seat Photos

    Thank you Sean! I've downloaded them but I think these are for the adjustable seats in the STM and other military versions of same. It might be fun to make one assembly as the drawings are very detailed. I appreciate you taking the time to upload these. Dave
  22. Terry,

    I used John Pike at Big Sky Stearman to make the left aft spar for my Ryan.  He has a copy of the factory drawings for the spars. Big Sky can make them using Douglas Fir or Spruce.  John’s number is 503-631-3206.

    I would NOT recommend using the person that has advertised on this site to make STA bulkheads or spars.  PM me for details if necessary.


    Ron Ruble

    N15550. Ex N441V

    S/N 1579

    1. David Paqua

      David Paqua

      Guys, who Ron may be referring to is Michael Sasich. He has taken deposits from a number of Ryan folks for wing spars and STA bulkheads and to my knowledge has not produced any other than the one #2 bulkhead he sent to me, a year later.  This part was completely UN-airworthy with childlike welding and crooked pick-up points.  He still owes me wing spars. Now I paid him in full and up front to secure an early production part but after months of emails and phone calls this POS part came.  If this is the best he can do then it's my advise and stay as far away as you can.....

    2. George Clifton

      George Clifton

      Paul Schuyler in Morgan Hill, Ca    408 529 1230    Had some spars,..  give him a call and see if he still has them,...  George..

  23. terry gardner

    spars or wings needed 2-3 RT, 1-2 Left

    we need 2-3 rt wings or spars front & rear 1-2 left wings or ft & rear spars: Terry 3142770753 or gtg15751@gmail.com thank you
  24. terry gardner

    PT21-22 Spars needed or wings

    Hi we need spar or wings 2-3 right & 1-2 left Terry 3142770753 or gtg15751@gmail.com thank you
  25. Sean Martens

    STA Seat Photos

    David, I hope these help Sean RD-11176, D-2329, 0-260.pdf RD-11739, D-2509, 3-245 Suppl. 2.pdf RD-11738, D-2509, 3-245 Suppl. 1.pdf RD-11737, D-2509, 3-245A.pdf RD-11736, D-2509, 3-245.pdf RD-11742, D-2509, 3-245-4.pdf RD-11741, D-2509, 3-245-2 & -3.pdf RD-11175, D-2329, 0-259.pdf RD-11740, D-2509, 3-245 Sup. 3.pdf
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