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  2. Hello all Ryaneers. Quick intro.  Not newbie--not unpaid. Have faithfully paid dues-sometimes extra just to keep things going since 1976. Should show paid up for next five years.  My Ryan is close to being totally restored by my good friend, Dylan Sujet who is a master of his craft. He has been working diligently for the past few years on my PT-22, N46805, and we are close to getting it reassembled for flight hopefully early next year (2020). Enclosed a very  recent shot just before engine run up. Will be great to get back in the game again. Rick Farrell NRC #330


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  4. Hello David, this is Ron LeBlanc and I'm trying to reach you and Pete Groves. Can you call me at 585-944-9714 please? Thanks
  5. August 17 and 18 will be the KCMA Airshow. As usual I will have open hanger and expect Terry Freedam with his PT22, Doug Schuster with the Riverside CAF PT 22 which is flying again after a couple year rest awaiting a new engine. I would bet Gary Jackson will be around as well with his Ranger Ryan and Angelo Regina’s PT22 has returned home after a couple of years at Baker City OR. Terry, Doug and I will be flying in the event supporting Wings Over Camarillo as usual. Anyone else is welcome to join in, hanger will be open with snacks and drinks, Airshow vendors for food, chairs and shade awnings setup for our group, and lots of friends for additional entertainment. This will be the largest gathering of Ryans for the past several years so don’t miss it if you love Ryans! Chris Nehus cnehus@verizon.net 818-825-4252
  6. Jeremy, My name is Chris Nehus and I’m located in Camarillo California and answer most tech question on the web site about the Ryan PT22. I would be happy to answer any questions you have and guide you thru your inspection. I am an IA and PT22 owner for the past 30 years. Reach out any time, cnehus@verizon.net, 818-825-4252 cell, N53271
  7. All, I am a new member and am looking for help in completing an annual on a PT-22 in the Dallas area. I am an A&P with round engine / vintage aircraft experience, but I have not worked on a Kinner or PT-22 before. Is there anyone in the area that could give me a hand or that I could pay to do the annual while I observe and help? Thanks Jeremy jeremylash@gmail.com
  8. Hi, I am looking for a Rocker Valve Part# 1302 for my Kinner R-56. It is great if someone has one I can buy from them. Thanks, Dan dcallan42@yahoo.com
  9. She closed up shop!!  No further word,..  Dang!!

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      Ted Brewer

      Thanks for posting!

  10. cnehus

    PT22 for sale

    Angelo Regina has decided to sale his PT22. This aircraft has been re skinned, electric starter, and an Al Ball R55 engine with R56 heads for overhead oiling. This is a turn key flying aircraft based in Camarillo CA. Serious inquiries only. Email Chris Nehus cnehus@verizon.net for details.
  11. Hey Ted,.. tried to reply to the email,.. but didn't work.. My friend has been overwhelmed with a family medical situation, and business has taken a back seat to that. I talked with her last week, and she is back at it, but has some catching up to do.. Ill' let you know when she gets to me... Sorry about not letting you know.... George..
  12. George Greatly appreciated.... Ted
  13. VERY good information!! Thanks for posting this to this forum,.. George..
  14. I just sent some photo's to a local sign shop to see if they can reproduce some of the placards for my PT 22,.. I'll let you know what I find out in a few days,... George..
  15. Does anyone have a resource for reproducing the Carb Heat, Mag Selector and Fuel Selector decals? (PT-22) Any help would be greatly appreciated. Ted Brewer 719-964-6959 brewerii@aol.com
  16. Dan I got mine from Antique Aero Engines in Santa Paula
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