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Ryan PT-22 Project For Sale

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I was on the Courtesyaircraft.com website today and saw a Ryan PT-22 project for sale. Asking price is $25,000 and I recall it had a R56 engine. This aircraft is N47306, S/N 1358 and suffered hard landing damage from a previous owner. See the Courtesy Aircraft web site for photos and contact information.

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I operate one of only two airworthy PT22's in the UK. Both are at Old Warden and are displayed regularly there. I would be pleased to welcome any members to Old Warden ( our equivalent of your Old Rhinebeck I guess..) and arrange a behind the scenes tour for you. Check out www.shuttleworth.org for display dates etc.


PT22 project.

I acquired a crashed PT22 with my flier. It suffered carb icing and nosed over in a soft field in the ensuing forced landing. The original intention was to use it for spares but I believe its too good for that.

The thing is completely stripped. The fuz has been separated aft of the rear cockpit. The wings are good, spars undamaged. most of the damage occurred to the centre section. The fuselage is creased and the outer stb stiffener is bent. Some of the U/C parts are broken. So, I have it all, including the bent bits.

THe engine was cannibalised for spares before I bought it so unless somebody really wanted the engine parts I would prefer to sell it without.

It was a beautiful aircraft pre-accident and had those funny U/C trousers and spats.

If somebody out there is interested the best thing to do is come to the UK - I can meet you at the airport, bring you here (90 minutes from Heathrow) - we can drag it all out and take it from there.

Lots of interest from those who would make it into a static exhibit but it should fly again.

$10,000 will buy it.

Maybe if somebody just wants a set of wings, they can acquire the lot and maybe shift the rest in the USA where the PT is better known.

What a terrific machine the 22 is! I love it!

All the best from 'Across the Pond'.

Peter Holloway


home - 0044 1295 770008

cell - 0044 7717 804085

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