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martin susans

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Hello Ryan fans,

My brother and I are embarked on a major STM-2 restoration in Canberra, Australia.

We have two damaged airframes, serial numbers 467 and 473 that we have re-jigged and skinned to make a single fuselage. Both aircraft are ex Dutch East Indies that came to Australia during WW11.

The wings will have new spars and ribs and will be braced by a new set of wires from MacWhytes.

The powerplant is a 0 hours Gypsy Major which is an approved mod in Australia. The engine is similar to the Menasco and the external appearance will be authentic.

We have enlisted the assistance of a local aircraft maintenance company that is fabricating a number of new parts, but it may be that tooling for some of the difficult to form parts is available in the US.

In particular we are interested in the availability of: Cockpit Cutout Reinforcing Longerons; Front Fin Spar Fitting; Stab and Fin Support Bracket; Rear Spine Reinforcing Member; Boots and Pants and some flying surfaces.

Looking forward to communicating with US Ryaneers as the project develops.

Best Wishes,

Martin Susans

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