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337 for cleveland wheel and brakes

David E Polley

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If you've not already received from somebody else, I'll send you a copy of my aircraft's (sn 1683) 337 when I return home next week.

Best Regards,

Bob Roth

Yes i need the 337 as i will begin to start to the paperwork on the airplane again soon this coming year.

Thank you.

having problems with how to navigate this forum.


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On October 31, 2015 at 10:27 AM, Barry Kropelin said:

I've just ordered rebuild kits for the Shinn master cylinders and my Ryan has the Cleveland upgrade.....

what is the proper brake fluid to use?


Barry Kropelin

Hi Barry


I am part of a group operating a PT-22. We are having trouble with leaking seals on the piston faces in original master cylinders (wheel units are Clevelend). Where did you get the rebuild kits from?






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Call Skybound in Georgia.  James Greene.  Small, family run outfit.  They have most of the Shinn brake parts.


6910 "A" Buford Hwy

Dorazille, GA. 30340



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Mike, I have 3 of the master cylinder piston/seals left to sell if you are interested. I also have a bunch of the original Shinn brake parts on hand, including 2 wheels, brake shoes, springs, brake cylinders...).  

Contact me at jdmcdaniel@netzero.net

Jim McDaniel

Brake Master Cylinder Pistons  (3 only).JPG

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