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  1. Any interest in also celebrating the 75th anniversary at Oshkosh July 25-31 ?
  2. What source do you recommend for a helmet?
  3. It just seems like when rolling out the tail wheel rigging on my plane is sloppy. Any advice on how to set it up?
  4. jpelton


  5. Thank you so much for the explanation. I really like to know all the details on aircraft systems, it is the aircraft engineer in me. I find it interesting. I will be flying my PT22 up to Oshkosh this year.
  6. Can someone explain the technical explanation as to why you need to do this and if you don't what is the failure mode.
  7. My tach cable from the rear seat tach to the engine broke. Any resources on a replacement?
  8. jpelton

    Tach cable

    Looking for a tach cable for the rear tach to the engine.
  9. jpelton

    Wheel Covers

    I am looking for wheel covers.
  10. Taylor I need wheel covers. Jack
  11. Taylor, I am looking for wheel covers. Jack
  12. Right now my starter option is to hand prop. Can someone give me some technical insight into hand crank and electric starters.
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