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  1. Great to see another old lady back in the air! Congratulations!
  2. dietmargrosz

    LOAS, Spitzerberg / Austria

    leaving my home airport, LHFP with my friend in his Alouette
  3. dietmargrosz

    Two Ryans in Austria

    My friends Dagmar and Christoph from Aachen, EDKA on a visit to Austria. Short stop at the annual Austrian Experimental Meeting in Krems, LOAG before flying right through the city of Vienna !! and flying along river Danube to Hungary, LHFMArado AR 96BN with engine LOM137A/ 6Cyl 180hp 80% hombuildt replica
  4. I am looking for 41-20977 , serial #2186 could not find any info yet
  5. See also the pic in Aircraft related/Electric starter
  6. Here is a new foto with the "straight" oil shut off. Its close to the starter but works perfekt. Didi
  7. Hi Ron, I have an Y-150 on mine and pointed it a bit upwards from horizontal. If I remember it correct Brad pointed out that this would keep the oil away from the motor windings. Works fine for me. Just dont forget the oil restrictor on the starter adapter. Didi
  8. Finally got my skedule. Coming from FRA via SEA to LAX on friday May 20th. Will take a car early morning to meet you all on the field. Unfortunately I will have to drive back in the evening as my return flight leaves around 11pm. Cu you there
  9. Same applies to me, have to get my roster to fit with the date Hope to see you all there
  10. Hi Chris, On my visit to Lynne I saw her oil filter installation. Maybe she can help out. I am just about to install an Airwolf Oil Filter and will add the cooler to to filter. Hope it will do the job and I do not need to install the cooler ( I have one already here).
  11. Hi Paul, I would take a set of bolts. regards from Austria, Dietmar
  12. We had an off field landing in Germany due to wrong conection of the fuel lines! Make shure they are conected like Chris described and check it by fueling about 4 Gal. You should only get fuel to the carb with the selector in RESERVE position. I also would highly recomend to get the bigger metering jet in the carb as I had experienced fuel problems on a go around. Bradley Ball has them. hope to see you all in OSH and at Lynne´s party
  13. some friends visited to have a look (and ride) on my old lady
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