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  1. David, If you've not already received from somebody else, I'll send you a copy of my aircraft's (sn 1683) 337 when I return home next week. Best Regards, Bob Roth
  2. Here's an interesting photo...especially the bird in the background. Believe this would be one of the Dutch STM's?
  3. N48748 (SN 1683). Wings and tail feathers cleaned, epoxy primed, all new hardware, and ready for cover. Fuselage interior complete, all components from firewall aft to tailwheel strut refurbished / overhauled, new hardware installed, condition "10". Fuselage exterior painted, condition "6". R-55 installed, 15.4 hrs. SMOH, engine seized (oil valve not opened before takeoff). New Sensenich W90HASP-86 propeller (15.4 hrs. TSN). Airframe TT 3,069.9 hrs. Aircraft is hangared at Meacham Field, Ft. Worth, TX. E-mail Bob.Roth@saabgroup.com
  4. Bernd, I think most aircraft - at least those I've seen, including mine - have been fitted with simple hose clamps at the elevator tubes. It isn't a very elegant installation, but functional. I've also added caterpillar chafe strips to the aft fuselage cutout, as a bit of protection. I'll check the microfilm to see if I can find drawing of the factory configuration, and would love to hear from anybody having the correct, or better, scheme Best Regards, Bob Roth
  5. Hello Robert, Sorry, the Y-150 sold almost immediately after I posted the ad. Best Regards, Bob Roth
  6. Dissassembled, but complete, Eclipse Y-150 Starter for sale. See attached photo. Ran great before dissassembly. Rough estimate for assembly / overhaul as needed $700.00 +/-. Make best offer!
  7. Hello James, Have you tried Smithsonian / National Air and Space Museum archives? They have nearly a complete set of PT-22 drawings, but I'm not sure about the STA. You might also check with the San Diego Air and Space Museum. Best Regards, Bob Roth
  8. Disregard; found equivalent Timken p/n 471554, readily available from all bearing suppliers.
  9. Gentlemen, Here is an "easy" one: grease seals are deteriorated on s/n 1683's tail wheel axle bearings. Part number stamped on the seals is "CR 7513", but have been unable to match with Timken or other known mfrs. Found one supposed match on internet, but turns out to be a Chinese company and the part doesn't seem to actually exist. Any help or guidance towards replacements certainly appreciated. Best Regards, Bob Roth
  10. For those of you who may not have heard, Norm Justice, a great and long-time friend and mentor to the PT-22 community, passed away at age 85 on Sunday, 05 Feb 2012. A memorial service was held at Norm's Birdsnest Airfield on Weds. 08 Feb. Stand tall and raise your glasses to our friend gone west.
  11. Congratulations - she looks great!
  12. N48748


    Have you made contact with Norm Justice in Texas, yet?
  13. Steve, Yes, the Eclipse Y-150 is the "standard" electric starter added to many PT-22's. The Kinner is very easy to hand - prop, but as you say, the electric starter is certainly safer. I've still got the unit I advertised, but need to follow up with a couple of others who responded, when I return to the States. Best Regards, Bob Roth
  14. Hello Dietmar, Any luck finding replacement axle nuts, yet? Best Regards, Bob Roth
  15. N48748


    Dan, I haven't a spare set, but you can borrow my fairings for patterns, if that will help. SN 1683 will not be flying until next fall. Best Regards, Bob Roth
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