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  1. Thank you Sean! I've downloaded them but I think these are for the adjustable seats in the STM and other military versions of same. It might be fun to make one assembly as the drawings are very detailed. I appreciate you taking the time to upload these. Dave
  2. Guy's can anyone let me know the style make or model of the brass fire extinguisher's used in the Ryans? I suspect it was a Pyrene make but I don't know the model or size. A photo or two would be a great help. Thanks Dave
  3. I need to make a couple of STA seat buckets. The Cassageneris drawings don't show this part so I wondered if anyone has some photos of the original seats that they would share with me? A side and top view would be most helpful. Thanks
  4. I'm building a STA reproduction here in CT and I originally planned on using a freshly rebuilt Ranger engine in the project until I came across a complete Menasco D4-87 engine in NY. I purchased it and dragged it back to my shop. The engine is complete but will need rebuilding and I was wondering if anyone on the forum has had experiences with this engine? What to look out for, parts availability or non availability/ Does anyone know of a re builder who has worked on these engines? Thanks Dave
  5. I'm building a STA from Eve's drawings and I wondered if anyone can tell me what color the interior of the fuselage is painted? I want to polish the exterior but the bulkheads and interior surface of the aluminum sheet must have been coated. Any one know what is typically done on restored birds today? Thanks Dave Paqua Connecticut
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