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  1. Received this today...anybody able to attend? Sounds like fun! Hello Lynne, trust you are well… We would love to have a representative from your association, chapter, type club, etc…at our annual fly-in. We understand North Texas is a great distance for some, but perhaps you have a local club ambassador that could attend? If your club is able, and interested, we would provide you with a table and chairs in our main hangar, where you can visit with friends, guests, and pass along your club info. We are not Oshkosh or Blakesburg, but we are working hard to keep these great airplanes in the eye of the public. Please pass along our fly-in info to your network and post it out there on your Social Media too. Ensure everyone knows that they, their families, and friends are welcome to attend! Our 56th annual fly-in will be held again this year at the Gainesville Municipal Airport in Gainesville TX (KGLE). It is October 12th and 13th. Last year, we had over 200 airplanes fly in, and we have lots of foot traffic too. We have aircraft judging, meals, entertainment, WINGS seminars, and more. This year we’re adding a Poker Run. I attached the 2018 flyer, and here is link to our website. If you want, give me a call to talk about the event. Hope to hear from you soon, and I’ll try and follow up once more before the event. Kind regards, Joel Joel Meanor 817-832-5064 President, Texas Chapter Antique Airplane Association www.txaaa.org please see the website for details. Keep the Antiques Flying…
  2. It is with great sadness that I am relaying that we lost Al Ball this week. I understand that Brad, his son, will be putting together a memorial sometime in mid-January. Al was our go-to for Kinner information, parts, how-tos, and restoration for as long as I can remember. Although I have only had my Ryan since 1983, I knew Al since 1980. Any trip to Santa Paula required a stop-in at his hangar, a trip for lunch or at least a tall ice tea, a lot of mutual abuse in fun and a general sharing of life’s happenings. He will be greatly missed, We are very fortunate that he passed his Kinner knowledge on to Brad years ago. Happy Landings, Al. lynne
  3. Contains iPhone shots of four days at Bill Allen's facilility at Gillespie Field, El Cajon, CA May 2016. Around 35 aircraft were scattered about his grass and ramp areas.
  4. 75th Anniversary Ryan Fly-in On May 19th, five Ryans lifted off from their respective airports to Gillespie Field, El Cajon, California to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the airplane often dubbed, the "Maytag Messerschmidt". It was evident the moment you laid eyes on them that some serious time had been spent on polishing for they all looked better than the day they left the factory not so far away. Bill Allen's incredible complex, surrounded by grass plots that magically features whatever parks there, was already filling with Stearmans which joined the weekend of celebration. The weather surpassed the forecast of gloom and presented days for showing off all the sounds and sights that accompany airplanes of that era. The Ryans took to the air many times throughout the days to show folks that seventy-five years is only a start for the airplane that was designed to last only a very limited time...it's job was to prepare cadets to fly something heavier, faster, and more complex. The Ryan did that job better than most trainers with its particular flying characteristics. It was interesting to overhear conversations during the weekend about the differences in flying the Stearman or the Ryan and who felt which was more challenging? Three other Ryans were on hand, ...the late Mike Sullivan's on view, Ray Rose's in a hangar, and Bill Allen's in the event hangar. Around twenty-seven biplanes made up the rest of the color and sounds at the event, most of them Stearman's...equally outstanding airplanes! There was a Travelaire, Bill's beautiful C3R Stearman Business Speedster, Bill's PT-17 that had been Steve McQueen's Stearman, a rare Laird, and Jimmy Allen's Richfield Oil Model 4 Speedmail Stearman... gorgeous, ...incomparable. There was also a full-scale replica Spitfire with an Allison engine. Yeah! Bill had four "squaretails" in his hangar during this event...of course they came out in the daylight and flew. On Saturday we had a fly-out to Pauma Valley Airpark for a wonderful greeting by the locals and homemade scones and lemon curd, hamburgers/hot dogs to fuel us for the 29nm trip home. Those of us that had to drive had a good view of the many formation flights of like aircraft coming around the canyon bend on their approach, and, we even made it back in time to see their arrivals at Gillespie. Dave Masters treated all of us to a technical talk on prop making, which he has participated in for years with Guy Watson and Ole Fahlin. The event was well-attended, however short on Ryans compared to years past. Cameras/cellphones captured it all. I am including some of what I took in free moments in the Gallery. I do not consider myself a photog and I only had my iPhone. Still,... they capture the feeling. The best was catching up with old friends! Join us...let's do it again and often! Lynne In attendance representing the Ryan Club: Bill and Claudia Allen, Gillespie Field, Ryan STM-2 Margot and Roel Goethals from The Netherlands (have a Ryan PT-22 project in progress) Dietmar Grosz from Austria ( has a Flying Ryan PT-22) Randy Weselmann from Bainbridge, Indiana (has a Ryan PT-22 project in progress) Danny Don, flying out of Chandler, AZ, (Ryan PT-22 in attendance) Gary Jackson, flying out of Santa Paula, CA (Ranger-engined Ryan PT-22 in attendance) Jay Cawley from Washington State (long time family-owned flying Ryan PT-22s and STM) Terry and Jenny Friedman, flying out of Cable Airport, (Ryan PT-22 in attendance) Doug and Beverly Schuster, flying out of Cable (CAF-owned Ryan PT-22 in attendance) Dave Masters, has a flying PT-20A in Morgan Hill at the Museum Chris and Belia Nehus, Flying out of Camarillo, (Ryan PT-22 in attendance) Ray Rose, flying out of Gillespie Field, (Ryan PT-22 in hangar) Lynne and Ken Orloff, flying out of Pine Mountain Lake, CA, (flying PT-22 left at home...flew our Lancair IV-P) Mike Sullivan's Ryan PT-22 now in San Diego Air Museum, on view for event Visiting were Ev Casagneres' Son Bryan and daughter (Ev was often called Mr. ST-A) Visiting was T. Claude Ryan's son, Jerry If I forgot anyone, I apologize... We had a wonderful event and felt we needed to get the group together more often! Any suggestions?
  5. Okay, we have some more information on our San Diego 75th Fly-in from Bill and Claudia Allen...mark your calendar off, make your reservations early...Check in here often for any more information. We (Bill and Claudia) blocked rooms at Carlton Oaks Country Club in Santee, CA May 19-21. Departing Sunday the 22nd Also set the date for flying into Polo Club for lunch on Friday May 20th 11am - 2pm Happy Landings! Lynne Orloff Additions as if January 5th, 2016: Here are some specifics about hotel and rental cars from Bill Allen... Carlton Oaks CC For room reservations 619-448-4242 9200 Ironwood Drive Santee, CA Enterprise Rental Car Near hangar Mgr Erica 619-449-2077 Pass it on Bill A Working on another speaker
  6. Okay, we have dates! Our 75th Ryan Anniversary Fly-in will be at Bill and Claudia Allen's hangar at Gillespie Field, San Diego, CA from Thursday, May 19th to Sunday, May 22nd 2016. Details on hotels, events, etc., to follow. It will be a Stearman and Ryan Fly-in. Let's get as many Ryans to the fly-in as we can... It hardly seems that long ago that we celebrated our 50th!
  7. Hi Everyone, Attached is a .pdf file discussing the fabrication and installation of shoulder harnesses for the PT-22. Steve Freeman developed this design over time and it is based on FAA requirements and best support for the pilot and passenger. We have lost members in accidents due to the failure of their harnesses and could have lost Harrison Ford, had he not been wearing a Kevlar Helmet. His shoulder harnesses failed horribly, as we have witnessed his particular installation to do in the past. Steve discusses all this in his article. If you have not installed shoulder harnesses addressing the issues he covers, please, please...ground your airplane and take care of this. Regards, Lynne Orloff International President Ryan Club Owner N61646 PT-22 Shoulder Harness for Ryan PT.pdf
  8. Hi Everyone, Following Harrison Ford's accident and NTSB results, I asked Bradley Ball to discuss how owners and their mechanics could inspect their PT-22 carburetors so we would have no repeats of this failure. Please see the attached .pdf file for pictures and information you will need to do this. I would highly recommend that if you have not had your carburetor inspected/rebuilt in the last five years, send it off to him. His address and phone number are in the article. I also will start a topic on the shoulder harnesses, as written by Steve Freeman. If you have a Ryan PT-22, please read these articles carefully and consider not flying your Ryan until you address them. We lost a much-respected Ryaneer in the past to this type of shoulder harness install. We don't want to lose any more! Regards, Lynne Orloff International President Ryan Club Owner Ryan PT-22 N41646 Carburetor Inspection and Information for.pdf
  9. Bill Mette was loved by all of us. He would fly all day to get somewhere with the rest of us and then give rides to almost anyone that requested one. His Ryan was the most recognized at any function with its field numbers of 178 and his unpolished fuselage. On our trips, he would fly down low, buzzing every farmer's field, every uncontrolled field and on more than one occasion his map would be blown out of his cockpit yet he would still show up at our next fuel stop! We all have wonderful Mette stories to share. His memorial will be September 27th, 2015 at 300 Curtner Avenue, San Jose, CA at 11AM. If you plan to attend, and particularily if you plan to go to the family home after the service, please let Bob Mette at outsurfing@sbcglobal.net know. Happy Landings! Lynne Orloff
  10. Hi Everyone, Last year we had an impromptu dinner meeting during Oshkosh that was a fun evening. They had to ask us to leave so they could close! We had Ryans represented from Austria, Tennessee, Illionois, Texas, and California. We know of two other owners there that could not attend... from Florida and France. So, I thought we would try again this year. Ken and I will be there the 27th July through the following Friday, so it will be one of those nights. If you know you are going to be there, let me know so I can keep you informed of where and when. Suggestions are welcomed. For those that wonder, Ken's Marquart Charger is in being painted so it will make the trip next year. My cell is 805-450-3021 and email is: ladyryanpilot@yahoo.com. Looking forward to seeing/meeting all of you. Lynne Orloff, President Ryan Club.
  11. This has been a hard year for the Ryan group, having lost so many of our long- time and knowledgable Ryaneers, the latest being Ev Cassagneres. Ev died on the night of July 1st in his home in Connecticut. He had flown his Cessna 170 that day. He will be greatly missed! Ev wrote books on the Ryans and He was our greatest resourse on the STs and STAs. You can go to this website for information about his services. You all fly safe, please! Lynne Orloff aldersonfuneralhomes.com
  12. Hi, I have a form to be sent in by July 11th asking for our desire for reserving space at the Vintage Hangar or Type Club area at the Oshkosh Fly-in....or putting aircraft on display there representing our club? If you are interested please call me at 209-962-4631. Lynne. Call before July 6th.
  13. Hi Everyone, I received this email from Thierry Zibi and he is hoping to have a display of his LSA with a real Ryan ST at Oshkosh...read on if you may be able to help him out...and check out his LSA on his website! Regards, Lynne Orloff ************************************** Full Name: Thierry Zibi Email: thierry.zibi@haim-aviation.com Telephone: 514-445-6409 Message: Hello, We are building an LSA aircraft, called Sam LS which has the silhouette of the Ryan ST. I felt in love with the Ryan ST, back in 2007 and decided to built a \"modern\" and LSA version of it. 5 years later, we are currently building the prototype near Montreal, Canada and will present it at Oshkosh, we will be in booth 626 in the North aircraft Display. I think it will be wonderful to have the Ryan ST aside the Sam LS in the same booth...Do you know owners that will bring their Ryan ST to the next Oshkosh ? When I was at Oshksoh 2008 I seat in a Ryan ST, written on the fuselage S-21, I forget the owner\'name... I am willing to participate in a certain extent to the cost of bringing a Ryan ST to Oshkosh. Please look at the photos of my aircraft who was designed with the Ryan ST in mind. www.haim-aviation.com Thank you Thierry
  14. Hi All, I received this email from Jim Frits. Please see if you remember anything that may help us find his Father's former Ryan. I may have some data in Bill Hodges records if I had more information for the search. I have Bill's microfiche, as well, and I have a reader available, but no printer. Thanks, Lynne Orloff (ladyryanpilot@yahoo.com) Full Name: Jim Frits Email: jimfrits@yahoo.com Telephone: 8476397335 Message: My dad was a pilot for EAL. He also was A&E licensed and had restored several aircraft, one of which he and several other EAL pilots/A&E mechanics restored was a Ryan PT-22. Unfortunately we lost all slides/pictures in a fire, so no tail number. But, it had a unique insignia on the side, the \"Hat In the Ring\" from Capt Eddie Rickenbacker that dad contacted for permission to use. Is there a way the club members could be asked if any of them recall seeing the aircraft? It would just be nice to know if it was still flying. Thx
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