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  1. August 17 and 18 will be the KCMA Airshow. As usual I will have open hanger and expect Terry Freedam with his PT22, Doug Schuster with the Riverside CAF PT 22 which is flying again after a couple year rest awaiting a new engine. I would bet Gary Jackson will be around as well with his Ranger Ryan and Angelo Regina’s PT22 has returned home after a couple of years at Baker City OR. Terry, Doug and I will be flying in the event supporting Wings Over Camarillo as usual. Anyone else is welcome to join in, hanger will be open with snacks and drinks, Airshow vendors for food, chairs and shade awnings setup for our group, and lots of friends for additional entertainment. This will be the largest gathering of Ryans for the past several years so don’t miss it if you love Ryans! Chris Nehus cnehus@verizon.net 818-825-4252
  2. Jeremy, My name is Chris Nehus and I’m located in Camarillo California and answer most tech question on the web site about the Ryan PT22. I would be happy to answer any questions you have and guide you thru your inspection. I am an IA and PT22 owner for the past 30 years. Reach out any time, cnehus@verizon.net, 818-825-4252 cell, N53271
  3. cnehus

    PT22 for sale

    Angelo Regina has decided to sale his PT22. This aircraft has been re skinned, electric starter, and an Al Ball R55 engine with R56 heads for overhead oiling. This is a turn key flying aircraft based in Camarillo CA. Serious inquiries only. Email Chris Nehus cnehus@verizon.net for details.
  4. Durning this years Annual Inspection I uncovered an issue with my Throttle belcrank and rod end in the Engine Compartment. I reached behind the exhaust collector and found play in the Belcrank between the crank and rod end. A closer look uncovered the crank damaged at the rod end attach point. The rod end attach hole was elongated almost to the point of failure and the rod end was found frozen. This was a bearing type rod end vs the conical style found on current production aircraft. It is important to remember when installing the rod end to tighten the bolt enough that the rotation is via the rod end bearing NOT the bolt. If rotation is via an under torqued bolt it will result in early failure of either the crank or bolt. I elected to replace several of my older style bearing rod ends on the mixture and throttle with conical F34-14M ends from Spruce and Specility. Upon removal of the old ends inspection revieled most had some sort of looseness and or ratcheting via the bearings. I also replaced all the hardware using fiber locking casle nuts also advailable from Spruce. Should you miss a cotter pin these will not back off as they are self locking as well. YES it happens trust me! Our throttles fail to Idle if the linkage should happen to come off or fail. We have had a couple of accidents from different types of throttle linkage failures. Special attention needs to be paid to the entire Throttle and Mixtrue control system. Lots of moving parts, ware points, and direction changes within the system offer lots of points of failure. Another local aircraft has been inspected and the ends were also found to be worn. chris nehus
  5. The R55 when cold will have high oil pressure until warm. Once warm it should be around 80 PSI. It's not uncommon to see 100 PSI or greater when oil is cold. The R56 will run 80 PSI hot or cold. You should be running 120 oil , not 100. Chris Nehus N53271
  6. I have posted the STC on the site under "Downloads" Technical Info., STC SA00754AT. Chris
  7. Propeller / Hub STC SA00754AT View File Here is the STC that Steve Freeman was kind enough to get for use by the Ryan Club addressing use of Sensenich 90HASPxx series propellers on the PT22. Submitter cnehus Submitted 10/06/2017 Category Technical Info  
  8. Ron, I will email you the STC chris
  9. cnehus


    If you fly in complex airspace like I do living In Southern California you may want to consider installing a mode S transponder and ADS-B. Now the good news is we are still exempt as we do not have An engine driven electrical system. Bad news is access to the airspace is on a work load acceptance from ATC. Well no matter how much notice I give So Cal I have yet been allowed access into the airspace prior to installation of a transponder. Around three years ago I installed a Becker mode C Transponder with a blind encoder which was powered by a 9 amp/ hr alarm battery as a total loss system and received FAA Field Approval for the installation. This allowed for around 12 hours of use between battery charge cycles. Now I have removed the Becker and Blind encoder and installed and received FAA field approval for a Trig TT22 mode S transponder and TN70 blind WAAS GPS unit giving me a lot of new capabilities and still 12 hours of use between charging and ADS-B out, 2020 approved. Coupled to your iPad with a STRATUX you can now get inflight weather, moving maps, charts, TFR, traffic and much more. Even AHRS is available with some FREE programs like FlightPlan.go, STRATUX, or pay for Foreflight. Adding a STRATUX for around 250.00 on eBay or build it yourself for less ( see stratux.me for details ) allowed me to get rid of the paper charts and Airport guide.....it's all on your iPad. I'm a paper guy and struggled with this tablet stuff for years but even Pilots Guide is no longer available in paper.....only electronic subscriptions. Even the local pilots shop stopped stocking paper sectionals and I've had to mail oreder them for the past few years. I've dodged and weaved my way around and under the local airspace for 25 years, well no longer. I will still keep a paper sectional in the cockpit for back up, I just can't seem to give it up! Now I fly directly over Burbank Airport or call them up and go right thru without issue. I know this is not for everyone, part of the joy of the Ryan is flying basic again, but it is possible if you want to do it. Chris Nehus cnehus@verizon.net
  10. The Wings Over Camarillo Airshow will be Aug 19, 20 this year. Once again we will have 3 PT22 and 1 Ranger Ryan attending, Chris Nehus, Doug Schuster, Terry Freedman and Gary Jackson. Chris will have an open hanger for the event with lots of goodies to munch on so feel free to join in or just stop by and chat. If you wish to attend drop me a quick email, cnehus@verizon.net. This is one of the best airshow if you love War Birds as Camarillo is home to the CAF. Chris Nehus
  11. If you have not already drilled oversize try to install NAS close tolerance bolts first. Close Tolerance bolts are slightly larger diameter as compared to standard AN. Easy way to tighten up any slight movement.
  12. Im interested in the lifting eye . Name your price Chris Nehus cnehus@verizon.net 818-825-4252

    1. Kromerjb


      I sent an email with asking price...but I will trade for a set of rebuildable landing shocks for my SN 1574 project.  Jeff

    2. Kromerjb


      Also...I cant tell if I'm paid up or not...my profile says non-paid but when I try to purchase through the <store> it says I can onlu purchase one and that I've already purchased a membership.


      thanks, Jeff

  13. Always check mag switch prior to shut down ( this could save you injury next time your pulling the prop thru with mags in off position only to have the engine kick or start with out warning due to an ignition system fault), engine around idle, both mags off briefly to check operation of switch and "P" leads. than idle cut off with mixture as any other engine. I would NOT drain the fuel from the carb at shut down as this will only dry our seals and gaskets giving you additional issues.
  14. Okay here is detailed info we have been waiting for. The 75th Ryan Anniversary Reunion will be hosted by Allen Airways (Bill Allen) at Gillespie Field, San Diego, May 19 - 22, 2016. We will be joining the Stearman Group at this event featuring the Square Tail Stearman Aircraft, 1929 Speedmail, 1930 Stearman 4E, 1930 C3R, and 1931 JR Speedmail all of which are Oskosk and/or Major Award Winning Aircraft. Bill has reserved a block of rooms at The Carlton Oaks Country Club, Santee, CA. Please make your reservations ASAP with BOTH Bill Allen, allenairways@abcglobal.net and The Carlton Oaks CC by phone 619-448-4242. Bill has arranged a Fly Out to the San Diego Polo Club on the 20th for lunch. Speaker, one night will be Dana Tibbits - Grand Daughter of Vice Admiral Fredrick M Trapnell who is the US NAVY's greatest test pilot. This will be an event to remember....don't miss it! If you can't bring your aircraft, please still join us, if you just love these classic aircraft....please join us! If I receive any other details I will add to this posting. Thank, Chris Nehus Ryan PT22 N53271
  15. Ron, Sorry, but no. You would need the prints for that and most are on file at the San Diego Air and Space museum. They will print and send if requested and pay the requested fees.
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