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  1. Good evening! It's been a while... Been busy but I still have a share in N53018. While doing the annual, we found out that the exhaust tube used for the carb has several holes... Does anyone have a spare part for this ? I mean... the whole assembly ? That would be easier than fix it I guess. Best regards Sebastien
  2. Hi Earl... Lucky you... I guess you found a Y150... if you have a source for another one, let me know. Best regards. Seb Woons_4@hotmail.com
  3. Good evening Chris... First of all : My best wishes for 2016 !!! Is it still possible to order one of these ? Let me know how we could do. Best regards. Seb
  4. Good evening... We are searching for a document wich explains the change of the engine mount. Reference is 01-1-58 Thanks Seb woons_4@hotmail.com
  5. That sound really nice I'd love to be there but I'll have to check with my roster ... Will keep you posted. Seb
  6. RyanFr

    Prop Bolts

    Good evening I do confirm we are looking for prop bolts (as Chris said) ... Thanks for that Chris... You can contact me : woons_4@hotmail.com Seb
  7. RyanFr

    For sale PT22

    Good evening from France... Our Ryan is stuck because of a lack of spare parts... Would you sell parts ? We are looking for engine gaskets, instruments, cables,... basically everything That would be very helpful Best regards. Seb woons_4@hotmail.com +33 6 47 85 03 53
  8. Ahhh ok! Too bad for the supplier, but if you could send me the measurements, that would be great.. We might also need a larger case to hide the radios .. Could you send me photos of your bax and price Thanks! We will fly her for the first time in 2015 next sunday... May the weather be with us! Best regards Seb
  9. Good evening. We are looking for plans, drawings or already built flight document folder. The same request for the side door.. When our aircraft was rebuilt, no side door was designed... Not really convenient, we would like to find the best way to build one Thanks Seb Woons_4@hotmail.com
  10. Good day Our N53018 is about to go out of the hangar soon. We almost finished the maintenance in Pontoise (North of Paris) and we are planning on doing some more maintenance next year. We will chack and set the valve timing, spark advance,.. We are looking for all kind of seals needed for the Kinner R540. Regarding your maintenance experience, do not hesitate to let me know your advices Thanks in advance for your time. Best regards. Seb
  11. RyanFr

    Tail wheel spring

    Good afternoon! I'm looking for spare parts for our PT22 based in France. We need a new spring for the Tail Wheel... Ours is not in a very good shape. Every advice would be appreciated! Thanks and safe flights Seb Attached is a picture we took last year. Hope you'll enjoy it. Follow us on facebook : www.facebook.com/AngelsOneFive
  12. Good afternoon Chris... We are doing the annual maintenance of N53018, here, in France and we are planning on changing the Silent Blocks on the engine mount next year. Do you know if Brad Ball can help us on that one? Or maybe you have another tips Thanks, Best regards and safe flights to everyone Seb
  13. Thanks Chris! I sent them an email already... Next project will be the "Flight report folder". Did you bought yours or build it from scratch? Regards Seb
  14. Good afternoon from France... After a nice season, our Pt22 will now remain in the hangar for a while. We would like to add the standard door on the port side... Does anyone knows about the original blue prints and how to find them? Or just details of the door Thanks to this group, our Ryan now have nice wheel covers! I'll post pictures soon! Best regards Seb
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