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  1. Thanks Guy. I have now ordered the drawings from San Diego Air and Space Museum. I do know about the guys in Wagga. They were restoring a STA.
  2. I have now contacted the San Diego Air and Space Museum. They were very helpful and have given me a list of drawings they have which are able to be scanned, including the bulkhead drawings. Thanks again for your assistance.
  3. Thanks, I tried the National Air and Space Museum, who then put me onto the National Archives and Record Administration. They do hold the two drawings in question, F-1002 (#2 Bulkhead) and F-1003 (#3 Bulkhead), unfortunately the rights for these drawings are still held by Northrop Grumman. I contacted the person recommended by the NARA to gain permission to get copies but it was refused due to possible liabilities against Northrop, so I am back to square one. I will now make contact with the San Diego Air and Space Museum and see if my luck is any better. Thanks for the help.
  4. I am looking for photos, drawings, dimensions, basically anything regarding number 2 and 3 bulkheads for my project building a scaled replica. I am working from Ev Cassagneres' drawings for the STA but would prefer to utilise the later bulkhead design. Regards, Ian Mills
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