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  1. Ian, my name is Terry, and the partner in the RangerRyanAircraft.com ,the continuation of the line of STA-R-5 created by the late John Gokchoff. There has been enough enquireies that we will make available a kit to those that want to produce their own off of our STC's. Take a look at N721R. or N47080. They are very eye appealing and if they suit your needs then contact us.[ Terry: gtg15751@gmail.com Kent : kentgorton@bellsouth.com] , located in Locust Grove ,GA 30148. Yes they do retain the 3degree sweep back wings. There are several sources of fresh overhauled Ranger 6-440 200hp although both John Ellison and Joe Denest are about to retire. Mark Denest will continue the overhaul line for his father and there are several others around. Some of our parts are available and could also be used on a straight STA: Nose bowl cowling landing gear[ bush down the rear treadle to the bolt size for the v strut mount; the rest is identicle to STA] windshields wheel pants and fairings. No fibreglass, all AL I have a set, minus flap and aileron, of STA wings built by Jim Miller that I would like to sell. They are in STL area at 1H0. All the best, gTG
  2. Terry,

    I used John Pike at Big Sky Stearman to make the left aft spar for my Ryan.  He has a copy of the factory drawings for the spars. Big Sky can make them using Douglas Fir or Spruce.  John’s number is 503-631-3206.

    I would NOT recommend using the person that has advertised on this site to make STA bulkheads or spars.  PM me for details if necessary.


    Ron Ruble

    N15550. Ex N441V

    S/N 1579

    1. David Paqua

      David Paqua

      Guys, who Ron may be referring to is Michael Sasich. He has taken deposits from a number of Ryan folks for wing spars and STA bulkheads and to my knowledge has not produced any other than the one #2 bulkhead he sent to me, a year later.  This part was completely UN-airworthy with childlike welding and crooked pick-up points.  He still owes me wing spars. Now I paid him in full and up front to secure an early production part but after months of emails and phone calls this POS part came.  If this is the best he can do then it's my advise and stay as far away as you can.....

    2. George Clifton

      George Clifton

      Paul Schuyler in Morgan Hill, Ca    408 529 1230    Had some spars,..  give him a call and see if he still has them,...  George..

  3. we need 2-3 rt wings or spars front & rear 1-2 left wings or ft & rear spars: Terry 3142770753 or gtg15751@gmail.com thank you
  4. Hi we need spar or wings 2-3 right & 1-2 left Terry 3142770753 or gtg15751@gmail.com thank you
  5. A few yrs ago we found out that the MS bolt is also a close tolerance bolt & may be used. We got the data from Boeing shop ref manual.
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