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  1. Ted Brewer

    Carb Heat/Mag Decal

    George Greatly appreciated.... Ted
  2. Ted Brewer

    Carb Heat/Mag Decal

    Does anyone have a resource for reproducing the Carb Heat, Mag Selector and Fuel Selector decals? (PT-22) Any help would be greatly appreciated. Ted Brewer 719-964-6959 brewerii@aol.com
  3. Ted Brewer

    Gaskets for R-56

    Dan I got mine from Antique Aero Engines in Santa Paula
  4. Ted Brewer

    Flying in Colorado

  5. Ted Brewer

    Ted Brewer

    Rods and Wings in Colorado
  6. Ted Brewer


  7. Ted Brewer

    Kinner TBO / Overhaul

    Get hold of Brad Ball at Antique Aero Engines. You should be able to google and get phone number.
  8. Ted Brewer


    Charity event in Denver (August 2016)
  9. Ted Brewer

    Mr Wilson's PT-22 N49049 / 41-15553

    Plane sold for $42,000 plus 10% auction fee and tax.
  10. Ted Brewer


  11. Ted Brewer

    R-56 exhaust

    Does anyone have a good source for exhaust pipes (cylinders 2,3 and 4) on an R-56?