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  1. Encase anyone needed a digital copy. PT-22 Flight Manual.pdf PT-22 Overhaul Manual.pdf PT-22 Parts Manual.pdf PT-22 Service Manual.pdf
  2. With a Y-150, battery, full fuel and two adults, will that put you over gross ?
  3. Not mine but owner is asking 60K. https://www.barnstormers.com/cat.php?mode=listing&main=
  4. Are there any references for original PT-22 paint schemes from the Ryan factory ? I'm also interested in what Schemes were used @ Sequoia Field / Visalia CA ? Is there any reasoning why some cowlings were painted Red, Yellow and or the same with props ? I've seen some pitot tubes also painted in candy cane stripes, was that specific to certain training bases ? Thanks ahead of time!, JH
  5. I was wondering where is the best place to have a Fahlin propeller overhauled ? Sensenich ? Thanks, JH
  6. I spoke with Brad Ball and he basically said the direct drive starters are junk. Sounds like electric is the way to go and if you don't mind hand propping, a starter block off plate would save quite a bit of weight too. Looking at my weight and balance sheet: Battery - 20.5 lbs Electric starter - 18.5 lbs Cables/switch/box - 4.0 lbs Battery box - 1.5 King KX 155 - 4.75 Total - 49.25 lbs
  7. Didn't it go for 41K ? + 10% buyers fee ? I think you only had to pay tax if you were a IA resident. I was lucky enough to win one of the spare props.
  8. Ron, thanks for the response. I think a standard E-80 starter weighs around 25-28 lbs. You don't know anyone who has a spare direct drive starter / mount do you ? I have a manual crank and crank mount but are missing the rest of the assembly.
  9. I'm curious how significant the weight savings is to run no starter and just to hand prop ? Are many people running the original direct drive starters, is there any advantage to do so over hand proping? Is there any advantages to run an E-80 or Y-150 electric starter other than the obvious? Is it worth the weight having the ability to crank while in flight ?
  10. Wow, look at that longeron. Do you have any pictures of the rest of the bird ? Any of the cockpit ? Thanks again, JH
  11. Can anyone tell me the exact measurement from center tow eye to center tow eye on a Ryan PT-22 is ? I'm going to help transport one shortly and I need to make a spreader bar for gear so the wings can be removed. Thanks in advance. JH
  12. Before I order these 4 manuals from ESSCO, does anyone have a downloadable copy they wouldn't mind sharing ? Ryan PT-22 Pilot's Flight 1943 Pilot's Flight Operating Instructions Manual-Download - $13.00 Ryan PT-22 1943 Parts Catalog-Download - $43.00 Ryan PT-21 & PT-22 1941 Maintenance Instructions-Download - $46.00 Ryan PT-21 & PT-22 1942 Overhaul Instructions-Download - $34.00 Thanks, Joel
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