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  1. Chris - What a great welcoming message! I am really excited to join the “Ryan Ranks” and plug away on my project! I will certainly take you up on the offer of advice and free airplane parts! (Maybe I imagined that 2nd offer?! 🙂 ) If your warm note is any indicator of the type of people who associate with the -22, then I have joined a quality group to be sure! Thank so much, and...MERRY CHRISTMAS! Rico PS - That pic is breath-taking!
  2. Greetings! My name is Rico Jaeger. I'm in Wausau, WI (AUW) and recently purchased a collection of Ryan parts from a party in NC. The negotiations began over a year ago - with a deal struck soon thereafter. But C19 delayed the retrieval. So finally, over Thanksgiving weekend, I made the 2500 mile round trip and 4-hour pack-up (in 56 hours!) to collect my prize! The seller was extremely gracious with his time and materials in assisting with the loading, and I'm happy to say it arrived back in Central WI with nary a scratch! (Despite some of the roughest, toughest "warzone" roads I have EVER driven in IL and OH!) The project is better than many that I have started with, however - everything except the stub wings is in-need of partial / complete rebuild. I have prior experience with similar airframes (PT-26 / Stearman) but those had thorough government documentation. I am struggling to find drawings. (I've had several people suggest San Diego Air & Space, but they charge $15 / page and there are hundreds of pages.) I am also in-need of some parts, paperwork and CONSIDERABLE technical guidance in "Getting My Ryan Flyin'!" If you feel like earning your angel's wings, I can be reached directly at: Rocknpilot@hotmail.com / 715.529.7426. I look very forward to "meeting" you all and pushing forward on this exciting project! (Mostly after our 7-month Winter! :-/) THANK YOU!
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