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Have just returned Ryan SCW 145 # 211 to the skies here in Ballarat,Australia.

Her first public outing was the 2015 Avalon International Airshow,near Geelong.

I believe she was designated a L-10 during the war and was based out of Lantana and Palm Beach Florida.

From her log books 670 hours total time.

Would love to hear from anyone with Warner 145 experience.

Intend visiting Oshkosh AirShow 2015, so keen to hopefully meet fellow Ryan owners there.

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Congratulations! Sounds like she was possibly used by the CAP during WW II seeing where she was based. Are you going to ship her over for the Oshkosh Adventure? Someone on this site should be able to steer you towards Warner mechanics. The Ball's in Santa Paula ( Antique Aero Engines ) come to mind. I think Brad is proficient with the Warners. Jimmy Leeward has operated one for years. Used it on his honeymoon! ( I believe he has taken over the Leeward Air Ranch since his father passed.)

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Thanks N441V.

Appreciate your information.

Unfortunately I was at Reno the day Jimmy crashed, very traumatic.

Re Oshkosh, I won't be bringing the Ryan unfortunately.

(A foreigner flying his aeroplane in the US doesn't go down terribly well any more.)

From what I have found, she was seconded by the USAAF and flew on liason missions with Air Transport Command and the CAF.

You are correct there were quite a few of the 12 built SCW's used by the CAF on anti sub patrols.

I have been fortunate to meet a lovely old gentleman who remembers admiring her when he was a CAP pilot at Lantana.

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The elderly gentleman I referred to above has just sent me a message about the SCW.

(Robert's brother Zack was a well known cartoonist, responsible for the " Smilin' Jack " series of strips published each day from the 30's through to the 70's. Ryan's featured in a lot of the stories or comics.)

"With regard to a few recollections about your Lil’ Doll:

I get a wonderful feeling every time I think about what all of you have done to that little girl. If possible I think she is more beautiful now than she was before. What is so great is that I, at 92, am getting reacquainted with a plane that I used to actually get up on the wing of ( at the age of 19) and imagine how nice it would be to fly her.—— Not a model or a picture but THE SAME PLANE; Absolutely amazing. I know I am being greedy, but I have to say, I wish I could say I actually got to fly her.

I am proud to say, all of my memories of those CAP days were pleasant memories. Zack and I both almost had to take a bath in the Ocean (at different times) but in both cases we limped our planes back to a coastal airport.

AND, with regard to the Lantana Airport where it “ ALL CAME DOWN’’ in my young life “ my "claim to fame" is that my instructor in the Civilian Pilot Training Course I was taking at the PALM BEACH JR COLLEGE , in the spring of 1942, and I , made the first landing of any airplane at the LANTANA Airport. The Airport had not even been opened. It had saw horses blocking the approach ends of the 3 runways.---- He said, “Let’s be first” and he cleared the first saw horse, ---touched her down, rolled a bit and took off again,easily clearing the saw horse on the other end of the runway. I would of course never have had the nerve to do it myself, but at that time in my flying career I thought it was pretty awesome.


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