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Bulkheads #2 and #3


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Hello Ryan builders group ;

Hopefully you all have caught wind that I am doing a production run of Bulkheads #2 and the 4130 portion of #3 . I have done the tooling to stamp press the ellipse C channels along with a swagging die to produce a part within .030 " tolerance . And the tooling and fixtures for the welding and heat treating . The run will be for 15 sets . Five sets have been spoken for .

Currently I have the following people on my list for a set;
Dave Paqua (1)
Rich Williams (1)
Fred Richards (1)
Myself (2)

The price is $4800.00 per set .
The bulkhead will be fully welded out , Heat treated and magna-fluxed , then epoxy primed with a Boeing spec product .
All parts are laser cut with proper grain orientation
Pete Groves has indicated that Rich Williams ,Paul Hadju ,Tom Filipcevic ,Phil Shuik ,and Larry Trow are in need of .

Production has started . 50% down with order placement .

Please confirm your interest and if anyone else would like a set please let me know.


Michael Sasich

Sensory Labs
Bow , Washington

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There are Certs on all Materials including lab tests . The heat treater and the Magna-fluxer will provided Certs also . We will also do a sample piece tested to destruction after heat treating .
All welding is Tig with ER80s-B2 filler rod .
David Paqua's bulkheads are in the welding jigs now .
I can get some pics of all but the die stamper , as they are a defense contractor and do not allow pics . I have all material purchased so as to be no delays in the project .

I can also provide spar blanks at a cost of 382.00 for the 4 .
Everything is fob bow , Wa.

I hope you jump aboard our project .

Michael Sasich

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The STA spar blanks are just that , Blanks 1 1/2" x 5"x13' . You will need to bevel all four and plane down the aft spars to 1 3/8 " ,


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