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Son of former Ryan Owner looking for information

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Hi All,

I received this email from Jim Frits. Please see if you remember anything that may help us find his Father's former Ryan. I may have some data in Bill Hodges records if I had more information for the search. I have Bill's microfiche, as well, and I have a reader available, but no printer. Thanks, Lynne Orloff (ladyryanpilot@yahoo.com)

Full Name: Jim Frits

Email: jimfrits@yahoo.com

Telephone: 8476397335

Message: My dad was a pilot for EAL. He also was A&E licensed and had restored several aircraft, one of which he and several other EAL pilots/A&E mechanics restored was a Ryan PT-22. Unfortunately we lost all slides/pictures in a fire, so no tail number. But, it had a unique insignia on the side, the \"Hat In the Ring\" from Capt Eddie Rickenbacker that dad contacted for permission to use. Is there a way the club members could be asked if any of them recall seeing the aircraft? It would just be nice to know if it was still flying. Thx

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