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Any STs planning on attending Oshkosh? A possible offer...

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Hi Everyone,

I received this email from Thierry Zibi and he is hoping to have a display of his LSA with a real Ryan ST at Oshkosh...read on if you may be able to help him out...and check out his LSA on his website!


Lynne Orloff


Full Name: Thierry Zibi

Email: thierry.zibi@haim-aviation.com

Telephone: 514-445-6409

Message: Hello,

We are building an LSA aircraft, called Sam LS which has the silhouette of the Ryan ST. I felt in love with the Ryan ST, back in 2007 and decided to built a \"modern\" and LSA version of it. 5 years later, we are currently building the prototype near Montreal, Canada and will present it at Oshkosh, we will be in booth 626 in the North aircraft Display. I think it will be wonderful to have the Ryan ST aside the Sam LS in the same booth...Do you know owners that will bring their Ryan ST to the next Oshkosh ? When I was at Oshksoh 2008 I seat in a Ryan ST, written on the fuselage S-21, I forget the owner\'name...

I am willing to participate in a certain extent to the cost of bringing a Ryan ST to Oshkosh.

Please look at the photos of my aircraft who was designed with the Ryan ST in mind.


Thank you


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