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Ev Cassagneres

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This has been a hard year for the Ryan group, having lost so many of our long- time and knowledgable

Ryaneers, the latest being Ev Cassagneres. Ev died on the night of July 1st in his home in Connecticut. He had flown his Cessna 170 that day. He will be greatly missed! Ev wrote books on the Ryans and He was our greatest resourse on the STs and STAs. You can go to this website for information about his services. You all fly safe, please! Lynne Orloff


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We have lost the foremost authority on the ST series. Ev had an encyclopedic knowledge of the aircraft, and its various features.

I think it is a fitting tribute to Ev and his work in making the drawings, that there are aircraft currently being built from them, and will fly because of the incredible effort he put in the drawings.

I am building from them, and know of at least 4 other builders currently working from them as well.

We all owe Ev a great deal.

He was a real character, and will be missed.

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