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Oshkosh 2014

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Hi Everyone,

Last year we had an impromptu dinner meeting during Oshkosh that was a fun evening. They had to ask us to leave so they could close! We had Ryans represented from Austria, Tennessee, Illionois, Texas, and California. We know of two other owners there that could not attend... from Florida and France. So, I thought we would try again this year. Ken and I will be there the 27th July through the following Friday, so it will be one of those nights. If you know you are going to be there, let me know so I can keep you informed of where and when. Suggestions are welcomed. For those that wonder, Ken's Marquart Charger is in being painted so it will make the trip next year. My cell is 805-450-3021 and email is: ladyryanpilot@yahoo.com. Looking forward to seeing/meeting all of you. Lynne Orloff, President Ryan Club.

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