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Carburetor Inspections for PT-22s


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Hi Everyone,

Following Harrison Ford's accident and NTSB results, I asked Bradley Ball to discuss how owners and their mechanics could inspect their PT-22 carburetors so we would have no repeats of this failure. Please see the attached .pdf file for pictures and information you will need to do this. I would highly recommend that if you have not had your carburetor inspected/rebuilt in the last five years, send it off to him. His address and phone number are in the article. I also will start a topic on the shoulder harnesses, as written by Steve Freeman. If you have a Ryan PT-22, please read these articles carefully and consider not flying your Ryan until you address them. We lost a much-respected Ryaneer in the past to this type of shoulder harness install. We don't want to lose any more!


Lynne Orloff

International President Ryan Club

Owner Ryan PT-22 N41646

Carburetor Inspection and Information for.pdf

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