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Flap actuator pawl...sold out


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update: they are all sold! Chris.

I have a few flap actuator pawls which are the same as original Ryan units. These were made to the exact specifications, And material from the original Ryan drawing. I’ve installed one on my aircraft and it works great, my flaps have never worked this good! They are now reliable for the first time after 30+ years. I now get all 6 pumps of flaps each and every time, even at max flap speed of 100 MPH. 
 These are not cheep, poor quality, soft, incorrect material units. They were manufactured by an Aerospace machinist to exact tolerance. This is a high ware item, everyone should have a spare. I will NOT be making more....when they are gone that’s it! I kept 3 spares for myself so I don’t have to go thru this again. 

Chris Nehus




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