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Electric Starter


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Hi All,

I'm a new member and we are installing an electric starter in our PT-22.

I would like to hear from someone who has experience installing a starter as well as suggestions for a battery and solenoid.





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Hi Earl,

suposing you have a Y-150 starter it is quit straight forward to install it (of course you need the starter adapter!) The battery on my Ryan is just behind the rear seat, running a #2 cable to the starter. I have also installed a wind driven generator ( BPE-14) but have not got all the paperwork yet. Maybe I will write a short description on the installation as soon as I have it.

regards from Austria,

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Jim, what position did you "clock" your Y-150 starter at to clear the oil tank and keep the appropriate angle for oil seepage?



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Ron, It's been too long to remember for sure. There is very little room to fit the starter so that will probably dictate the position. I believe the oil line was either on the left side or the bottom.  Be sure to include the restricting orifice in the oil line or it will get to much oil and if the line breaks it will dump all of the oil quickly.


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