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Side door and flight document folder


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Good evening.

We are looking for plans, drawings or already built flight document folder.

The same request for the side door.. When our aircraft was rebuilt, no side door was designed... Not really convenient, we would like to find the best way to build one :)





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I believe that is the P/N for the Stearman case which is larger than the Ryan case. I purchased one and still have it if interested. Attached is the picture of what I believe is the correct case. It is simple to build from aircraft quality wood. This one was purchased years ago and the supplier that is now out of business. Let me know if you need measurements or want the Stearman case.

Chris Nehus


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Ahhh ok!

Too bad for the supplier, but if you could send me the measurements, that would be great..

We might also need a larger case to hide the radios ..

Could you send me photos of your bax and price :)


We will fly her for the first time in 2015 next sunday... May the weather be with us!

Best regards


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